Heracles Karpusi/Greece (Second Request)


Dedicated To A Great Friend.




Guam was walking down the hall of Greece's house wearing a blue silk night dress. She was very excited about what was going to happen tonight, especially because her lover had asked her out of all the other female countries. Guam quickly ran her fingers down her Guam_ colored silk hair, and nodded to herself. The girl knocked on Greece’s door, and called for him.




“Greece it’s me! Open the door!” she yelled from behind the door. There was no response, which was odd. You tried to open the door yourself, but it was locked. You kept on slamming on it.




“Hey if you don’t open up, im leaving!” you said.




There was still no response. You got very impatient, and kicked open the door. You heard water running, but you still looked around. The Greek's room was very messy, with damp clothes strewn across the floor, and stuffed kittens lying everywhere. Suddenly, another door opened, as a wet Greece came out. He had a towel around his waist, that looked like it was about to fall off. Glams of water dripping down from his hair onto his built body. Greece’s russet brown hair dripping down in front of his face, like his usual hairstyle was. But this time it was wet.



“I'm Taking...a...Shower..Would..You Like to..Join?” He asked.




You quickly nodded, and ran into the bathroom with Greece. Greece slammed the door shut, as he let the towel hugging his waist go. Your eyes widen at his large size, but still slid the blue silk dress down your slim body. You heard Greece moan, as you looked over at him. He smirked, and wrapped his arms around your waist.




“You..Have..A Nice...Body..” he said giving you a kiss.


 You smirked at him, and kissed him back.


 “I wanna say the same to you but I cant~” you said, letting go of him, and walking into the running shower, taunting him. The Greek man smirked, and headed into the shower with you. Being the impatient guy he is, Greece cornered you, slamming his arm on the wall kissing you roughly. He was kissing you so rough it felt like he was trying to crush a bolder with his lips. You still enjoyed it, as you wrapped your arms around his neck, and slid your tongue around his lips. He licked his lips, and attacked your mouth with his tongue. He explored your tongue, as you started a tongue war with him. He won by an advantage, and grabbed your breasts. Greece started massaging both your breasts, while kissing you. He removed his mouth from yours, and started to lick and suck on your nipples. You cried out in pleasure, and cocked your head back. Greece then led a trail of butterfly kissed down your stomach, and by your entrance. Wasting no time, he slammed his finger into you, along with his tongue.




“Ahh! Greece!” Guam cried out, as you grabbed his shoulder length hair.




He pushed his finger in and out as he swirled his tongue around your wet walls. Greece added another finger, still pumping in and out at a fast pace. You felt your walls tighten around his finger and tongue, as you gave out one last cry. White milk-like liquid came out of you, as Greece took out his fingers, and started to lick them clean. The sticky cum was dripping off of his fingers, and it also was spilling out of your entrance like honey. He then again attacked you with his tongue straight into your mouth. You tasted a little bit of yourself in his mouth. You slyly slid your hands around his waist, and grabbed his member in your hands stroking it up and down. Greece gave out a grunt as the water from his soaked hair dripped down to your breasts. Greece then suddenly picked you up, and slammed you on the shower floor.


 “I need...You... now” he said panting, as the water fell on the two of you.


 You nodded, as you laid your head back getting ready for what was about to happen. He put his hands beside you, as you closed your eyes. Slowly, he slid himself into you. You cried from pain, as he grunted.

“Y-you’re so tight!” he grunted.


 When he was fully inside, he stopped himself from going any further. It was painful for him to not move. When you nodded your head for the “go ahead” Greece slowly pushed himself into you. Tears began to form in your eyes, as you whined from the deep feeling. Finally, your walls got used to his large size, and the pain escaped your head. You grabbed his shoulders, as he slammed in and out of you at a fast pace. His member began hitting your good-spot making it the double pleasure. Guam licked her lips from his hard pumping, and she gripped his shoulders tightly.



“G-Greece, m-more!” you cried.




Greece did as you pleaded, and started going at an inhuman pace. You cried even more, filling the bathroom with your moans of pleasure. Finally, your walls squeezed around Greece’s member, as Greece put himself deeper inside out, and he came in you spilling his sticky seed inside you. Not soon after you came, and the cum spilled down your legs, and rubbed off some on his also. Greece lay off of you, and sat down, pulling you on his lap. He smirked, as he grabbed the shampoo, and started to wash your hair. Before any more movements happened, a small banging was going on Greece’s front door to his room.


 "Ifeel, special"

"Hn? .....Why is that?" Greece asked.

Guam giggled, and snugged into Heracle's chest.


"I feel special because your the one that loves me"