Heracles Karpusi/Greece


"This all belonged to your mother?" Tibet asked curiously, as she brought the camera lense to her eye, and flashed a photo of the ancient statue of Hera laying on the ground.

"Mm.." Greece said to her, meaning 'yes'.

Tibet blinked a couple of times before trying to process the fact. Everything was so beautiful in Heracles's home. Greece had many ancient artifacts that Tibet would love to take the time to study. Of course she was a bit busy at her job being a Geisha, and all. Well the artifacts and ruins were'nt exactly the reason why Tibet visted Greece. There had a been a couple of rumors going around Asia, that he was very "Good" and "Experienced. Japan seemed appaled, but he knew that it was the fact. Taiwan and South Korea were the one to tell Tibet, but Vietnam was the one she believed mostly because she did'nt exaggerate things and make them seem silly. Tibet flashed her camera once again, taking another picture of the once standing statue. It was very beautiful, considering she was the wife of Zeus, though behind her looks she was a very jealous person.

"Tibet, would you like to go and visit..My...House" he said, putting his arm around her shoulder. Tibet smiled brightly, and nodded taking one last flash. Greece opened the door to his house, and showed her all the rooms. He said that sometimes Turkey would come and trash it, and he would have to clean everything up again. The whole house by itself was very nice overall. Everything seemed clean, and it was warm. Greece was finished quickly, because he got tired right away so he sat on the couch. Tibet soon followed putting her hands in her lap, looking at the tv that was playing. When Tibet turned to the side, Greece's face seemed closer than usual. His cheek was almost brushing against her face, but they were small inches apart.

"You...Are..Very Pretty Tibet..." he said, slowly.

 A cold shiver ran down your spine. His face was so close to hers that she wanted to faint. Greece finally made a move, and pressed his lips against her soft ones. Tibet responded by pressing them back also. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and Tibet wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt his tongue run across her lips. Tibet automatically opened her mouth for his tongue to come and play with hers. But he decided to tease her and started sucking on her lower lip making her moan and growl. She decided to take matters into her own hands and shoved her tongue into his mouth taking him by surprise. His hands were on her waist pressing her tightly against his body, while her hands were playing with his hair. He left her mouth and went for her neck. She started moaning like crazy when he hit her soft spot. She clinged to him for dear life as he licked sucked and nibbled on that spot. All of the sweet sounds she was making made the erection in his pants grow harder. Tibet felt his bulge on her inner thigh and started grinding into him. Greece let out a low groan and pressed his forehead on her shoulder, both of them breathing hard. He picked her up bridal style and went to his bedroom where he gently placed her on the bed and got on top of her. Greece started kissing her again, tugging on her shirt. She helped him take that off and continued kissing. Her hands went under his white shirt and started tracing his abs with her fingers, which made him moan in her mouth. Greece's hands made their way towards her breasts and when they reached her bra he slipped them under it and started massaging her breasts. Tibet moaned and arched her back, moaning his name. She pulled his shirt over his head and stared at his decently-built chest. Greece moved downwards, and started playing with the zipper of Tibet's pants. She smiled and nodded giving him the look that its ok. He pulled her pants down and stared at her underwear. A blush crept to both of their cheeks. Suddenly, Tibet flipped Greece over and started kissing his neck moving downwards to his chest and abs. He was moaning and shivering under her touch. Soon, Tibet reached his pants and pulled them down where Greece kicked them off. She grabbed the end of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. His erection was as hard as it could get. Tibet looked at him with a big blush on her face and lowered her head. She kissed the top making him shudder. She parted her lips just a little bit and placed the top in her mouth making Greece groan and buck his hips. She started massaging his member taking more and more into her mouth. By this time Greece was moaning her name telling her not to stop. She sucked faster, feeling him pulsate in her mouth making her smirk. He released with a loud grunt, and spilled his sticky seed inside of her mouth. She swallowed all of it and cleaned it up. This time, Greece flipped her over on her back and ripped off her panties. Quickly, Greece parted her legs and placed himself in between them kissing her feverously. He started grinding into her and massaging her with his erection. Tibet moaned loud and grabbed his back. Greece looked her into her light black eyes.


“Are...You sure..?" he asked, slowly. Tibet placed her hands on his broad shoulders getting ready for the pain that was to come and looked up at him.


"I Am Sure" She replied smiling, wanting this more than anything else.

He kissed her forehead and slowly pushed himself inside her feeling her grip his shoulders. She bit her lower lip to stop herself from crying out. Greece noticed this and started began to massage her waist, to try and distract her from the pain.



"Do...You Want...Me to Stop..?" Greece asked her, a little worried. His green eyes stared into her's with worry, but she smiled. His voice was so soothing~ If the world were about to end, he would make everything seem as if you were floating on a cloud. Tibet shook her head and hugged him tightly trying to ignore the pain. Soon she started to feel pleasure and arched her back signalizing him to go. He started to move slowly into her groaning from the pleasure.


“You’re… so tight…” He grunted slowly, speeding up a bit.


Tibet started moaning and moving in sync with him. She wrapped her legs around his waist which made both of them moan loud.


 “H-Heracles~!” She half moaned half screamed. A moan escaped Greece’s lips from hearing his real name. Her sounds were driving him crazy.


Her climax was getting near and her walls tightened around his member making them both come at the same time screaming each others name. Greece landed softly on her chest, still inside of her. He pulled out of her, and lay down next to her with his hands around her waist. Tibet snuggled up next to Greece, rubbing her head against his shoulder, and smiling. She ran her hair through his dark brown hair.

“You are very good” Greece complimented.


“Thanks, I have to say the same thing to you” Tibet said, in nearly a moan. Greece kissed the top of her head, and fell asleep in a quick second. Tibet giggled a little, and brushed her cheek against his.