America/Alfred F. Jones


America took Ireland inside and led her to his room. Once in his room, America pushed her onto the bed and pinned her down. She didn’t care what he did to her; she wanted him. She welcomed his touch with moans of pleasure and short pants of breath. America unhooked her Ireland flag-colored bra and threw it off. Ireland blushed as he observed her nice curved body. Her waist was decent, and her chest was just a little smaller then Belarus’.


“Damn, your body is sexy,” he growled seductively; her blush darkened to a darker shade of red.


America then shrugged off his bomber jacket and threw off his shirt to reveal a very sexy body. His abs were toned in the right curves, and his muscles were decent. Not bad for eating hamburgers all the time, right?  Ireland touched his abs, liking how they felt under her thin, delicate fingers; he just smirked. A shiver ran down his spine from her cold pale light fingers.


He slipped his right hand up under her black skirt. She didn’t notice because she was mesmerized by his gorgeous sky blue eyes. His hands trailed up slowly up her thigh, and to her panties. America was delighted to find the fabric wet at her heated core. He snuck his fingers into her panties.


Ireland gasped and moaned, obviously aroused by America rubbing her sensitive clit; America’s smirk grew as his already hard length got even harder due to her moans. As he rubbed her harder, her moans grew louder and her legs stumbled underneath him.


America then started flicking his wrist, thrusting his fingers into her. She couldn’t hold it back; she moaned as loud as her voice would let her. America ripped off her panties with his left hand; she didn’t notice at all because of all the pleasure he was giving her. He kept fingering her, shoving his middle and ring finger into her.


Eventually, she came on his fingers. Her white milk-like cum dripped onto his fingers and down her thighs. He pulled them out and licked his fingers slowly, trying to tease her.


Ireland then surprised him by flipping them over so she was on top. She unbuckled his pants and pulled them off along with his American flagged boxers. She gasped at the length of his member. He smirked at her gaping expression. Then she smirked and licked up the length. America closed his eyes, as pleasure washed over him. Ireland then popped it into her mouth and started to suck on him hard. He grunted and groaned from the pleasure he was gratefully receiving.




America soon came in Ireland’s mouth. His sticky seed shot into her mouth, dripping down her chin and onto the floor. She gladly licked up the mess she made. He wanted to taste her again, so he made her lay on her back with her legs spread wide apart.


“I missed your sweet taste~” he cooed.


 Ireland did as she was told. She wanted to pleasure and to be pleasured. America then lowered his head to her heated core and licked her clit. She bit her lip, trying to hold back a moan.


When he shoved his tongue inside and swirled it all around her walls, she couldn’t hold back her moans; she moaned quietly. For America, that wasn’t good enough. He bit down on her clit and she winced in pain. Then he rubbed it with his tongue. She started moaning louder. He shoved her tongue inside her again; she still moaned louder yet.


Ireland couldn’t take it. She wanted his tongue to go deeper. She grabbed each side of his head and shoved it closer to her core.


“Please! Please go deeper!” she begged America


 He then shoved his tongue in deeper. Pretty soon after he went deeper, she came on his tongue. He lapped it all up and reached up to kiss her dry lips. She immediately opened her mouth, waiting for him to enter. His tongue dove in, exploring her entire mouth. They eventually parted for air.


America then positioned himself just above her entrance. His erected member teased her by gliding up and down her slit.


“P-please, don’t tease m-me . . .,” she whispered.


“It’s gonna hurt,” he warned.


That was his only warning. In one thrust, he shoved the entire thing in. A scream ripped from her throat as tears slid down her pale cheeks. He kissed her tears away and planted soft kisses up and down her neck and throat.


Eventually, the pain began to fade. America pulled halfway out, then thrusted back in. He kept repeating this. Soon, the pain was completely gone and was replaced by pure pleasure. Ireland moaned and began to move her hips with the rhythm of his thrusts.


“Faster. . .please go faster,” she moaned. He thrust faster and harder into her.


Ireland began moaning his name. He liked it when she did that. Awhile later, they screamed each other’s name as they came. America was panting heavily, along with Ireland on the bed. Their faces dripping in sweat, and faces red as a tomato. America wrapped his arm around Ireland’s waist and pulled her closer to his body.

“Tá grá agam duit” she whispered to his ear.

“What does that mean?”

“It means I love you in Irish~!”

“Oh alright then! The Hero loves you too! Now THAT’S the American language!”