Japan/Kiku Honda


Vietnam sighed deeply as the man in front of her arranged the boat, so that it would stay still. She crossed her arms, and smiled looking up at the sky, getting ready to meet her lover once again. It had been two months since she last saw her boyfriend, Japan. She was very excited to see him again. The man on the boat, called Vietnam over, as she smiled happily. The man was rowing the boat, while Vietnam sighed and looked up at the sky.


‘Two weeks without my lover

I'm in this boat alone

Floating down a river named emotion

Will I make it back to shore

Or drift into the unknown’


The soft wind blew against Vietnam’s pale cheeks as the man rowed the boat into a strange tunnel, then went the exited the tunnel, an array of cherry blossoms came into view. When they finally got off the boat, Vietnam went to the market first, so she could maybe buy Japan something. She looked around at the market, and looked for something good to grab, though she tripped and fell on something, and scratched her head. When she looked up a hand was reaching out towards her.


‘I'm building an antenna

Transmissions will be sent when I am through

Maybe we could meet again further down the river

And share what we both discovered...

Then revel in the view’

“A-are you ok, Miss?” a soft calm voice asked her. The man standing in front of her bent down to her, and looked at her strangely.

“Vietnam is that you?” he asked.


“Mm...yeah, but my head hurts a bit from that fall” she laughed off as she got up with the help of his hand. She quickly jumped in his arms, and gave him kisses on his cheek.


“I missed you! I haven’t seen you in months!” she said while looking into his dark chocolate/black eyes. Japan knew she was coming, that was the reason why he was shopping at the market place. He had remembered to ruffle up his hair, just the way he did when he was around his girlfriend or family members. You liked the way he had ruffled up his hair, and he wasn’t so serious around you, he was still formal but he was a little bit more comfortable being around you.


“I also missed you too..” he said happily, as he brought you into another hug.


{{Im Going into Vietnam’s P.O.V, because its sometimes easier for me to write in my own gender’s format}}


When he brought me into that warm hug, it felt like I was going to melt at that minute. A shiver ran down my spine. I hadn’t felt this good I months, since the war with America and my independence with France. Japan pulled back, and set his soft lips on my forehead.

“Would you like to shop here at the market, or head home?” he asked me sweetly. His smile always made the angels cry for mercy. I thought for a moment, and tapped my chin.

“Can we look around also? I think I might want to shop around!” I said. I was really excited to finally spend time with Japan; I had been waiting for this day for months.



“Mm, thanks for buying me all this stuff, Kiku-San!” I said snuggling into his soft jacket. Japan smiled and looked down at me.


“Should we go back home?” Japan asked me. I sensed a weird tone in his voice, it wasn’t familiar. “S-sure” I said. Immediately I knew what Japan was thinking, and I had to agree with him..


Struggling to open the door, Japan had one had on the doorknob, and the other on my waist. His soft cold lips against mine, as stray moans escaped my lips. Finally, Japan opened the door, and slammed it closed with my foot. Japan then quickly took off his coat, and left it on the floor somewhere. He then remembered to take off his shoes, as I did the same action. Japan grabbed me into another heated kiss, as we made our way to the bedroom. He started to lean me against the bed. I felt him lick his tongue across my lower lip, but refused to let him in. I waited for this too long and wanted to make it last forever. He whined, and lowered his hand down to my side, and tickled me. I laughed and he took the opportunity and shoved in his tongue. His tongue massaged mine as he explored every inch of my mouth. I was enjoying this too much to notice him bringing me back up. He broke the kiss and took off my green dress, and unclasped black my bra. I started to cover myself, but his hand grabbed my wrists and pulled them over my head as he brought his mouth closer to my ear and whispered.


 "Don’t cover yourself. You're too beautiful to feel ashamed of it, please let me enjoy it." he whispered.


His soft voice sent shivers down my spine. Japan had always knew what to say to me, but then again the Japanese always have wise words no matter what it was. He started to suck on my breast and massaged the other with his free hand. Japan let go of my hands and I roamed his soft jet-black hair. I tried holding in a moan then his tongue flicked across my nipple. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and whined out a loud moan.

I brought his head up and took off his dark green Nori-colored outfit. I was surprised. I always thought he was muscular but his chest was rock hard. My hands roamed his chest and he softly groaned. I met his liquid chocolate colored eyes full of lust. Japan brought his hands down to my pant line and literally ripped off my shorts and panties. He took off the rest of his kimono wear leaving him self in his Japanese-flagged boxers. I didn’t like that very much so I took them off. He then spread my legs lowering his head. I felt him kiss my entrance before sticking out his long pink tongue. He then began to thrust his tongue inside me. I moaned in sweet pleasure, as his tongue went further until I came, and milk-like liquid came out, and licked up all my juices.


"A-are you a virgin?" He asked me.


I nodded. He put a finger inside me and then another. I gasped as he stuck in a third, then added a fourth. I moaned as he did scissor motions as he prepared me. I cumed in his hand, and he removed it. He licked off his fingers, and kissed me, letting me momentarily taste myself. Japan positioned himself in front of my entrance, and looked up at me. I nodded to give him go ahead.


 "Gomensai...Its going to hurt for a bit."


Again I nodded and he pushed himself in slowly in. My walls closed around his member. It hurt for a bit , and I felt a tear roll down my face and a trickle of blood run down my leg. I nodded again and he pushed in again, but faster. Japan kept going, and soon pain was replaced with unexplainable waves of pure pleasure. I moaned moan after moan.


"Ahhh..J-Japan mmmmhmm..." I moaned.


"Faster. Harder."


Japan went faster and much harder hitting a certain spot, making me moan his name again. He went at an inhuman speed, hitting that same spot over and over, making me moan louder each time. My walls tightened around him, and the knot in my stomach became tighter. In a few more thrusts we both screamed, and we both reached our climaxes. We were both breathing heavily and cuddled closer to his chest, and he kissed me lightly on the lips.