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Hello everyone, Miku-chan here~ There are a lot of stories on Quizilla, actully probaly more than 100, but only a few couple of them really catch out eyes. Chairman, Zero and I had our eyes out on certain Drabbles, no stories yet, but Drabbles~ We all decided to write reviews on them, and tell our opinions, we wrote the reviews Via Email, enjoy~.


Please, support the authors by sending him/her good reviews/rating/expressing your comments..etc. Please, do not use these links, and copy their hard work into your website.


1.  ۞Wheel of Fortune۞ by SuperFunGirl2~


Link Please~:


Who Chose This?: The One And Only Miku-Chan

What Why?: Its very eye catching. Not just the title, but the stories too, its a definate must, I have high hopes for this one. Hopefully, there will be more to come. - Miku (Emily)


2. Air Hetalia ● 空気ヘタリア by CookysNCreem


Link Please~:


Who Chose This?: Zero-(Creativity)


What Why?: This drabble has lots of creativity. Just like its author it has a hint of a certain emotion. If one is depressing, the author puts it as depressing it is, if its lovey-dovey, then lovey-dovey it sha'll be! I really like all the acessories she's made for this drabble, I hope she keeps it going!- Zero (Samueru)


3. Dangerous Love Affair (America)- NearXMattXMello


Link Please~: Sorry, don't have it right now..


Who Chose This?: Why The magnificant Chairman of course (Mimi)


What Why?: First of all, Alfred is my 1# lover. He's just awesome, and this just makes his awesome-ness level to go up. Other than that, this infers to the darker side of America, not just his "OH-MAI-GAWD-CHEEZBURGERS" it's "Hey-I-Love-You-But-You-Love-England-Wanna-Have-A-Afair?" I really like this one~. - Chairman (Mimi)


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