Vampire Knight


Sitting down with Rima on the bed they shared, Akira tore open a box of Pockey. She handed Rima, one stick of the chocolate/biscuit flavored snack. Rima popped on in her mouth, and started biting on the chocolate side of the stick. You also did the same thing following her actions. You layed your head on the soft pillow, and closed your eyes, moving the pocky up and down in your mouth.


“Today was a slow day, and I bet its gonna be a slow day tomorrow too…” you said coolly.


You looked at Rima who had formed a smirk on her face. You didn’t know what she was thinking, or why she was smirking, but you got a little scared.


“E-err...Rima you alright?”  she asked with a freaked out voice. Rima jumped a bit, because she had noticed that she was smirking a bit too much.

“Yeah...Im fine I just had a long day at the modeling studio.” She said casually, as she changed into her night outfit. You decided to change too, so you put on your Pj’s and hopped into your bed. Between 3 and 5 in the morning you heard footsteps coming towards your room. Your body shook up a bit, but you kept your eyes shut and stayed still not wanting to know if it was a killer or not. Suddenly, the door creaked open a little bit, and you quivered. You noticed that it was not only one person, but two people. You stayed perfectly still as if you where a statue. One of the men grabbed your arms and legs, and lifted you into the air. Quickly, you opened your eyes to meet with Kaname Kuran’s. He looked down at you, and smiled politely.


“I see you are awake, Akira” he said in a loving voice, as he carried you away out the door. His voice was so soothing and calming that all your shivers had gone away, being replaces by a warm comfort feeling.

“Whats going on Kaname-Sama?” she asked.


He stayed silent, and continued out the dorm.


“You will see soon.” He said as if he was about to give a child Christmas presents.


You rested your head in his arms, and relaxed. You closed you eyes, and relaxed. A sudden burst of cold air hit your body, making you awaken. You looked around and noticed that everything was covered in bricks.

“Kaname, where are we?” you asked leaving out the ‘Sama’.


“We are in a cell, my dear.” He said in a calm voice.


Your eyes widen with fear. Was he planning on keeping you in a cell, as a slave? Was that why Rima was smirking? Either way she wouldn’t let Kaname get away with this.

“Why are you taking me here?” you asked with no fear in your voice.

“You will see.” He said ending with a dark chuckle. You sighed, and tensed up a bit. Finally, Kaname-Sama opened a door revealing a freezing room with chains on the side, and a bed with Shiki lying on it. You looked over at Shiki, who was shirtless. Then you got a bit of an idea about why you were here. A dark smirk crawled upon Kaname’s once delighted face. He set you down on the floor, and you let out a breath of relief that you are once again on the floor. You looked back at Kaname who was unbuttoning his silk white shirt. Your eyes widen as you looked back at Shiki, who was just sitting on the bed, sucking on a piece of Pockey.


“K-Kaname…W-whats going on here?” you stuttered looking back and forth at the undressing/undressed men.


Shiki chewed the tip of the chocolate off, and smirked at you.


“Were going to play a game. You know since we missed your birthday.” The red haired said coldly.


His voice sent a shiver down your spine, it felt like a ice cube was slowly making its way down your back. Akira then remembered what Shiki was talking about. Her birthday was 3 days ago, and they missed it because they were off chasing a level E with Ruka and Ichijo. You missed Ichijo and the others, but you were glad that Ruka didn’t make it; she wasn’t really thrilled about your coming of age. Rima had stayed behind for her best friend; she had to what else was she going to do? A smirk made its way to Akira’s face as she made her way to the bed. Kaname finally had his shirt off, and he threw the shirt somewhere on the ground. Akira straddled Shiki’s hips, and wrapped her legs over his, hovering him. You wrapped your arms around Shiki, and he led his lips towards yours. His lips felt cold and hard against your smooth soft lips, but you didn’t mind. The two of you started to make out, while you bucked your hips on his. Meanwhile, Kaname pushed you fully on Shiki, while he started to slid down your night pants. You moaned in Shiki’s mouth as Shiki started to slide his tongue around in your mouth. Kaname threw your pants where his shirt was, and rubbed your legs up and down. You groaned, and licked the red head’s neck.


“My turn” Kaname said while pulling Shiki aside. He stood you up, so that you were no longer on the bed, and you were standing. He wrapped his arms around your waist, and started kissing you. You wrapped your arms around his neck. Shiki started playing with your bra strap under your shirt. He then made his way up to your neck, while you were kissing Kaname. Shiki moved your hair aside, and started to lick your neck. You shivered, when he sank his cold teeth into yours, and started to suck your blood. Kaname got a little hungry too, so he bit your tongue so that blood was running down your neck, and out of your tongue. When Shiki finished, he pulled up your shirt, and gave you to Kaname. Kaname undid your bra, and threw it to the ground. He pushed you down on the bed, and started massaging your breasts. You moaned out, and grabbed his shortish/longish dark brown hair. He kissed your neck, and started to make his way down to your breasts. Kaname licked and nipped your right nipple, as he massaged your other. He then gave the other one the same treatment. While Kaname was doing this, Shiki was rubbing his hands on your pants.


“Ohh…S-Shiki…” you moaned out.


Shiki pulled down your pants, along with your panties, which surprised you. You moaned out, as he started to flick his fingers around your womanhood. Shiki then slid one finger inside you causing you to cry out. When his finger was fully inside, he pumped it in and out at a fast pace. Kaname saw Shiki doing this, and went down to you so that his head was also face your womanhood. Kaname added his finger inside, and also started pumping in and out.


“Ahh…Mmm Kaname S-Shiki y-yes!” she cried out.


A knot started to form in your stomach, as they pumped their fingers. Suddenly, at the same time Kaname and Shiki stuck their tongues inside you. You cried out even more, as you felt their saliva slide down their tongue and all over you. The knot inside your stomach released, and soft white liquid came out. Kaname and Shiki took turns licking the white cum off their fingers seductively. Kaname was done before Shiki, so he stood up and started undressing. You saw him undress and you moaned, as he slid down his boxers slowly revealing his large member. He made his way over to you, and laid on you on your side. Kaname laid himself in front of you, while you waited for Shiki to undress. You saw that Shiki also had an impressing body. Shiki laid himself behind you, as he grabbed your hips, and Kaname grabbed your shoulders.

“Ready Akira?” Kaname asked.


You nodded, and closed your eyes shut.


Akira felt Kaname push himself into you slowly. Tears began to form in your eyes, as Kaname shut his eyes.


“N-nah..Y-your so tight..” Kaname cried.


He looked at you, and saw that you had small tears.

“Don’t worry this will soon be over my princess~” he said kissing your tears away.


You nodded, as the pain subsided into pleasure. Kaname gave Shiki the sign to also go into you. You felt Shiki push himself into your backside, as you also cried in pain. Shiki gave out a groan, which made you wet. Shiki and Kaname looked at each other giving the OK. You felt them both pump in and out of you.


“Ahh~! S-Shiki! K-Kaname, f-faster!!” you moaned.


The two vampires did as you pleased, and started pumping in and out of you. The tight knot formed once again in your stomach.

“G-guys im gonna cum!!” you cried out.


The soft liquid released, as Kaname moaned, and released not soon after. Shiki also released once Kaname stopped pumping in and out of you. The 3 of you laid together on the mattress taking in each other’s company. Kaname had his arms around your neck, as Shiki had his arms around your hips.

“Akira this is your late birthday present..” Shiki said kissing your head.


“Did you enjoy it well?” Kaname asked.

“It’s the best birthday present I ever had” you said closing your eyes, and snuggling into Kaname’s chest, and letting Shiki put his comforting arms around you.