I was walking down the streets of Konoha. This morning Sakura and Ino asked me to go shopping with them. I would be a disgrace to my family if I did'nt go so I said yes. Sasuke,Kiba, and Naruto tagged along but I had these weird emotions running through me. Everytime Sasuke was standing next to me my heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to pop out of my chest. Sadly, Sakura and Ino started hogging him. I felt bad for Sasuke that he had to get hogged like this by girls all the time. Naruto-kun did'nt get hogged like this...Even though my feelings for Naruto was maximum, today with Sasuke it turned minimum. I did'nt want to be like the other fan girls, and obsess over him. What if Naruto-kun actully had feelings for me, and I hated him? No, I cant hate him...he trys so hard to fit in..My head and heart was clouded with emotions. Suddenly, I heard a crackle from the bushes. I felt the presence of someone behind me when a cold hand covered my mouth.

"Dont move" said a harsh voice.

My pastel eyes went wide with shock, as the man behind me held me hostage.

"P-p-please dont hu-hurt me.." I managed to stutter out.

The man removed his hand and picked me up like a bride. I was scared to even yelp for Neji or Naruto-kun. Then I opened my eyes to see Sasuke's dark face behind the moonlight.

"S-Sasuke-kun what are you doing?" I asked.

"Hinata..I love you" he admitted.

"B-but Sasuke-"


I looked forward to the direction he was taking me. It was his small apartment he owned next to Naruto-kun. Sasuke set me down, and unlocked his door. With a click the door slid open, and Sasuke dragged me to his bedroom. I sat on the bed as he got something out from his closet. Was I scared more than ever? Yes. Was I cherry-red? Yes. Sasuke came out with a small rectangle box.

"Here" he said, handing me the box. I opened it to find a small golden necklace. My eyes widen more.

"S-Sasuke-kun its beautiful"

He smiled.

"But why?"

"Hinata Hyuga I love you.." he admitted once again.

I placed the necklace around my neck, and smiled at Sasuke. Then I did the unexpected. I wraped my arms around Sasuke's neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. What was I thinking I was inlove with Naruto-kun! But then maybe its time to move on.. I started to pull his shirt with my hands trembling. I then slid his shirt off and prop up on my elbows to butterfly kiss his shoulders. Sasuke then unbuttons my Jacket and shirt revealing my blue and sliver bra. He then slips both off and kisses around my neck searching for my spot. Once he kisses my spot near my jaw line I let out a moan which makes him smirk. Sasuke licks my spot making me moan and shiver at the same time. Sasuke starts to lick the bottom of my lips asking for an entry and I grant his wish. He inspects every inch in my mouth then starts a tounge war with me and wins. As we continue our kissing Sasuke's hand travels up my skirt. I pull my head back once I feel his cold hand on my inner thigh.

"Ah, y-y-your hand is so cold" I said.

He laughs akwardly to himself then kisses my spot again. I moan softly as he licks and nibbles on the spot. I run my fingers through his hair as he kisses my jaw line. I then move down kissing his abs then start unbuttoning his pants. I then slowly unzip his pants and take them off along with his boxers showing his member. I rub his member with my fingers making him grown.

"Ahmm..." Sasuke says grabbing my hand and pushing me to the ground. He tugs on my skirt wanting it off. I undid the hook and, Sasuke takes them off and throwing them god knows were. He then slowly takes my bra and panties off.

"Hinata, your so beautiful" he says taking a look at me.

I hide my womanhood with my hands blushing. But Sasuke pulls them away and sticks two fingers in and slowly pumps. I let out a loud moan everytime he went faster and faster. I started getting wet and Sasuke takes his fingers out and licks the liquid off his fingers then kisses my lips sliping his tounge in for I could tast myself. Sasuke's hands move all around my body tracing every curve. Sasuke then lifts his body off me.

"Are you sure you want to do this" Sasuke asks.

I slowly nod and he then slips his hard member inside me. I scream in pain.

"Ahhh!! S-Sasuke-kun i-i-it hurts!" I yell. Sasuke slowly begins to pump and leans down and sucks on my left nipple. I moan even more causing Sasuke to go even faster.


 I moan everytime he pumps in me. I then flip Sasuke over with me ontop and move up and down on his member. Sasuke holds my hips helping me go faster. Sasuke begins to moan my name over and over as I yell his.

"Hinata, I think I'm gonna-"

"I'm to" I said.

Sasuke then flips me over and does a few hard pumps then I feel hot liquid fill inside me as seconds later I shoot out mine.
Sasuke pulls himself out and lays down next to me. Bot of us were breathing hard and looking at one another. Sasuke then pushes a strand of hair out of my face

"I really do love you" Sasuke said. I smile and put my hand on his

"I-I think I love you too"