02/15/2012 21:39
Crap I forgot to add something in the DOGS post- we are also now starting a new series of random writings called 'Half-Life' it's my personal original story about a boy named Damian who goes to the land of 'Poltergeist' and finds he is the devil's descendent. If you're bored and have time check...


02/15/2012 21:36
We have added a new category to the 'Love Story's Section titled, 'Dogs: Bullets and Carnage' . Yes folks, we will doing DOGS fan fiction and such.  HAPPY READING YOU FOOLS.  - Takumi   

I am sick!

05/12/2010 16:02
Hey everyone, Exia here, and I just got sick, so my writing might no be so good. I just have the flu no need to worry! ^_^  I will be fine, so just wait for some new writing to come! Man, I am SO ready for Summer..   -Sam (Exia)

New Website

01/29/2010 20:45
Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying our new website! I think I will add more stuff than just Storys N stuff, Like Anime photos and news. So far I think the website is going to be a sucsess! If you have any problems just contact me, Mimi at if you have any questions. LOL I know...