North Italy/Feliciano Vargas



"This is really nice Italy! I cant believe that you did all this for me!" Chile exclaimed, clutching her bag to her waist. Italy smiled, and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Ve, it's no big deal!" The northen Italian said. Chile looked around the dark room as red flowers were scattered around the room. The lights were out, and it was very dark execpt for the small candles around the bed room. He had lead you to your bedroom, blindfolded. Chile had no idea what was going on, and he had'nt given any clues. It was they're, 'Im-glad-we-have-a-longer-relationship-than-France' anniversary, or Valentines Day. It was a normal Saturday night around 7 O' clock or so. Chile plopped herself on the bed, and soothed her hands over the velvet covers. Her hand bumped over one of the many red roses that were scattered around the bed.

"Ne, ne did you want to take a bath~?" he asked.

Chile closed her eyes and nodded as Italy ran off to the bathroom. The sound of rushing water filled the silent room. Chile got comfortable on the bed, as Italy ran back into the room.

"Chile! It's ready!" he said to her. Chile did'nt respond to the male, and instead kept her eyes closed. The Italian pouted, and crossed his arms; bearly realizing that Chile was resting for a moment. Veneciano got bored of waiting and picked her up in his arms, bridal style. Quickly, Chile's eyes flipped open as she looked up at the cute Italy.

"Do you need help undressing..?" italy asked innocently, with a hint of seduction in his voice.

A shiver ran down Chile's spine as she shook her head, 'no'. Italy pouted cutely, and ran out the door. Chile sighed, and started to strip off her clothing. Chile got a towel and set it on the small coffee table in the bathroom. Chile dipped her feet into the warm water, and finally set her whole body into the bath tub. Chile noticed that the there were rose petals in the tub, and that the candles seemed very dim in the bright light of the bathroom. Chile smiled to herself.

'Veneciano is so nice to me..I wish I could do something for him..' Chile thought to herself.

When she opened her eyes once again, to notice that the lights had gone out. Chile looked around, with her eyes wide.

"You bearly noticed that the lights were out~"

Chile jumped a little looking around from where the voice was. She looked straight ahead to see Italy in the bathtub infront of her.

"U-uh I-Italy..?" she asked, as a red blush making it's way across her face. Italy was smiling with less innocence on his face. In the tub, Italy made his way on top of Chile. His face inches away from her's as his arms were over her shoulders. His errected member poking at her entrance, teasing Chile without noticing it. Italy's breathing had gotten harder as he looked into her eyes. His eyes were filled with hunger, and Chile wanted fulfill that hunger. Chile could'nt take Italy teasing her, and she slammed her lips against his. Italy obliged by slamming his lips back to her's. His tounge quickly raided her's, and they began a make out session. Chile moaned out in pleasure, as Italy's mouth began to trail down her neck. He left down butterfly kisses along with his tounge. His teeth began to graze down her neck softly, trying not to leave strong bite marks. Italy smirked as he grabbed her breasts in his hands. He removed his right hand, and replaced it with his tounge. Slowly, the Italian circled her nipples with his tounge swirling around it. He then began to bite down on the nipple, as his sly fingers trailed down her body, and thrusted it into her entrance. He began to do the scissor movements with his two fingers as he nipped and sucked on her nipple. Then he moved to the other breasts, and began to give her the same treatment. While doing this, he began to hear moans from the female as she bucked her hips to his touch. A tight swirl began to grow in her stomach as she got ready to release. Before she could, Italy thrusted a third finger into her, and pumped in and out stretching her out and getting her ready for what he was about to thrust into her. Chile let out a loud moan, as her cum spirted out of her. Italy took out his fingers, and licked each finger carefully making sure not to miss a spot of her delicous juices. She watched him lick his fingers, and she slid her fingers into her mouth. She bit down on them, and tensed up from her release and watching the hot male lick his fingers. Chile got an idea and quickly grabbed his curl between two fingers.

"Ve~ C-chile!" he cried out.

Italy's face went bright red as his body heat rose. He felt his member get aroused as he slid his fingers down to it, and began to pull on it slightly. Chile saw this as an opertunity, and a smirk apeared on her face. Chile replaced his fingers with her's as she began to pull on it.

"Stand" she commanded.

Italy did as she told, and stood up to his full height. She slipped her lips around his member, and began to suck on it. She grazed her teeth against him, as he let out a loud moan from the pain. It felt good, but it was a little hard for him. While Chile sucked on him she wrapped her fingers around the top of his member, and helped her mouth to pleasure him. Many moans escaped Italy's lips as he bucked his head back, and his breathing began intense. Not being able to take it anymore, Italy let out his cum into Chile's mouth. She licked up his juices, and he pushed her down into the water splashing it a bit. Italy looked into her eyes with lust as he nodded. Chile nodded also, as Italy positioned himself above her entrance. Finally, Italy pushed himself deep into her. Chile gripped his shoulders as her stomach felt a sharp pain. Italy pushed deeper into her, and made sure she was ok. Tears almost formed in her eyes, as she gulped and squeezed his shoulders to make him move on with it. Italy knew what she was talking about, and pulled out of her. He then thrusted in and out at a slow pace. His thursts were slow, but deep which made it twice as better.

"Italy, please go faster~!" she moaned out.

Italy nodded, and pushed in and out faster. The body heat between them increased, and Chile felt sweat drip down her body. She moaned at Italy's thrusts, and Italy's breathing began to increase. Finally, Italy let out a loud moan, and spilled his sticky seed into her. Chile yelled out, as soon later she cummed also. Eventually they went to bed.

Not in the tub of course.