Tamaki Suou


said excuse me lil miss if I may,
Take this thought and send it your way,
And if you don't like that,
Then just send it right back,
But I just gotta say,

I wanna be on you....

"Ayame!!! Ayame!!!"

"Over here!-ow!"

Ayame felt something hard what was it?It was someone's chest she had fallen into!!!

"A-ah! im sorry Tamaki-senpai!"

Ayame had triped over something and landed onto Tamaki-Senpai's chest.

"You dont have to call me senpai, Ayame my princess"

He lifted Ayame's chin and kissed her cheek...she wanted more...



"Do you mind if...I go to your room tonight...?"

"Yes why, love"


"What would you like?-........oh..."

he let go of Ayame and looked down a little.Then he looked into her eyes.

"Princess, if I give this to you..dont tell anyone that is my request"

"Ok I wont..so what time to you want me to meet you tonight?"

"My room, 8:35"

"I'll see you there..."

He hugged her tight then left walking the other way..

Ayame was walking to his room.When she opened the door she saw Tamaki fixing his bed.

"Oh hello princess"

"Hi Tamaki-chan"

"Are you sure about this,love?"


He took the hint and took hold of her jacket and pulled it down and off revealing her white, thin material shirt exposing her shoulder. He ran his hands over her shoulders, feeling her bones and muscles. They wandered round to her collar bone, prompting her to turn around completely. They looked deeply into each others eyes seeing the same emotion. They were both kneeling in front of each other hands and fingers interlocking. He touched her cheek and ran a finger down her jaw line, down her neck before bringing it back up and feeling around her lips which she had been biting lightly.

Their heads got closer and closer and their foreheads touched.Tamaki put his hands in her hair and messaged her head through her soft locks. She rubbed her hands up and down around his neck and chest, also venturing up to his hair. He was breathing so heavily she could feel it on her neck and it gave her the shivers, making her long for his lips even more. She tilted her head up slightly, both with their eyes closed, and briefly brushed her lips against his. She did it again and this time they touched, staying in place. It took a moment for them to move and soon they were kissing passionately. Both were breathing heavily as their hands wandered all over each other, taking in every physical part of each other. He felt relief as he touched her. His hands wandered to the bottom of her shirt and he began to pull it up and over her head while she pushed and pulled his jacketless shirt over his shoulders. Then she moved onto his belt which seemed to be very difficult and she started to giggle.Tamaki pulled away to help her with it holding a small smile. As soon as it were dropped to the floor they began kissing again. He started on her skirt and she tried to undo her boots. After he pushed her skirt down he made for his own trousers as she finally took off her shoes. She kicked off her skirt and began kissing around his neck, finding all of his soft spots and making it harder for him to take off his own shoes."are you loving this my prince? She said before re-attacking a certain soft spot on his neck. He moaned while he undid her bra. As he began taking it off he pushed her slightly and lay her on the bed, lying next to her without breaking the kiss. He then removed her bra and threw it behind him, then allowed his hands to explore the new sacred parts of her skin. She moaned as kissed all around her chest. He moaned into her as her hands roamed around his body and toward his pants. His hands did the same as they slipped off her pants, then took off his own. He kissed her on the lips as he moved her legs around him Their kiss became more passionate as they both knew where they were heading now. His placed his hand over her lady place and felt around inside of her wetness earning several moans. She couldn’t help herself and placed her hand on his member, rubbing gently over it and pumping slowly. He found himself getting more and more excited and placed two fingers inside of her making her moan more, making her play with him more. Finally neither of them could take it and he placed himself over her entrance. He looked at her worried for a moment. He knew this would hurt her a little but all she did was look back with wanting and she lifted herself slightly toward him, prompting him to go in. He kissed her suddenly and pushed in. He felt her jerk underneath him in pain but carried on moving to help her. She moaned quicker than he had expected and began digging her nails into his back. She was loving it and he loved her reaction. She’d turned into an animal.He began going harder into her earning an animalistic moan on every thrust. Her breathing was staggered as she moaned uncontrollably into his ear, driving him wild. He sat up and began thrusting faster and even harder than before, looking down at her helpless body as it gave in to the pleasures he was giving her. She looked up at him and began to bite her lip again, knowing that the look she was giving him was driving him wilder with every passing thrust. She could see it in his eyes and took this as he chance. She grabbed his hands and pulled him down, then flipped him over so she was on top. Now she had the power. She slowly moved her hips backward and forward as she sat on him, grinding against him and sending him deeper into her. He could hardly contain himself from this sweet torture. He gripped her hips tightly and lifted his knee’s, giving him more access to thrust up into her. But she kicked his legs back down and pinned his arms down grinning sexily evil.“It’s my turn….. You don’t get to help…” She said as she slowly lifted herself up and down on his member. His body shook with excitement and he bit his lip to hold himself back. He then felt her shift and she began pounding herself down on to him. She was almost screaming in pleasure and he was moaning. He couldn’t take it anymore and started thrusting up into her, making her scream. She dug her nails into his shoulders. He gabbed one of her breasts and squeezed giving her more. He then flipped her over and rubbed her clitoris driving her insane as he continued to thrust. She arched her back as she felt it building up inside of her. Her heart was racing so fast she thought it would stop. He thrusted harder and rubbed her clit more and more. He put spit on his fingers then rubbed it again, soaking it and bringing her orgasm quickly. He could feel himself getting closer until Ayame suddenly jumped and squirmed.“Senapai!…I’m Coming Tamaki!" She screamed over and over turning him on even more. He could feel her walls clamp down over him and felt her womanhood get wetter with her cum. He continued thrusting and playing with her as she came, watching her body as she moved. She screamed for him to go faster and he did. And then harder. Her orgasm seemed to be ending until one large thrust hit an in particular spot inside of her and the walls clamped down again as she gasped. This was it. He felt it coming and went even faster provoking her to another small orgasm to help him along.

“Ayame…Oh Ayame I’m Coming my princess” He grunted as he hovered over her, thrusting and jerking as his orgasm took place and he spilled his seed inside of her. He finally stopped and lay his head on her chest. He could hear Ayame’s heart pounding through her chest, as well as her heavy breathing. The fire had died down slightly and he could see the sweat glistening on her skin. He pulled out and slumped down next to her. He looked at her face to see her looking at him with a small content smile on her face. She could see the look in his eyes which said the exact thing she wanted to say to him.

"I love you my prince..."

"My princess...I had more fun then I had ever had..."

"I promise not to tell..I swear Tamaki I wont"

"Its ok...because this is our world now.."

She cuddled up to him and fell asleep.