Takeshi Morinozuka 'Mori'~

It was a beatiful hot Thursday afternoon, bright cherry blossoms were finally in bloom. Thankfully it was, because it was the only place to find shade. I was laying there drawing in my sketch book, when Haruhi came by me.

"Hi Marina, whatcha drawing?" She asked, bending down to me.

"Nothing, really just a cute cat I saw this morning."

"Really? Thats something odd to draw!" she laughed.

"Meh, there was nothing else to draw so might as well."

Haruhi layed next to me for a while, as we watched the host club from afar. Suposably their theme for today was 'kimonos'. The twins were doing what twins do, Kyoya was making payments, Tamaki was romancing with some girl, and Takeshi (aka Mori) and Hunny were sitting at a table with some girls. Recently, I found Mori attracting..Even though he was part of the host club, I really wanted to get to know him better. He was well, smart, cute, thoughtfull- I could go on. All I could say was

I love him.

Of course I could'nt say THAT outloud, but I think of those three words everyday. I sighed romanticly, as Haruhi looked at me strangly.

"Whats up with you?" she asked.

"I-uh well um...!" I stuttered.

"Are you staring at someone?" she asked.

What!? I had been staring at him!? Whoops...

"Um..! No..! I...! yes.." I sighed in defeat.

"Who?" she asked curiously.

"Takeshi Morinozuka.."


"Well because I like him!" I blurted out.

Quickly I covered my mouth as Haruhi smiled at me.

"Go talk to him then!" she stood up, and held her hand out. I took her hand, as she ran with me toward Mori and Hunny.

"Hey Mori hi, Hunny" she said.

"Hi Haru-chan! hi Mari-chan!"

"Hm.. Hi." Mori adressed me.

I blushed and waved at the two.

"Hey guys" I said shyly.

"Want some cake?? Guys???"

Haruhi looked at me, and nodded as we ate cake for a while...


For a while we were all eating cake, until Haruhi left. The small garden filled with host club members, and costumers was now deserted leaving me, Hunny, and Mori alone.

"So Hunny you full yet?"

"Nope! I can eat 4 more strawberry cake! My record is 86 right, Takeshi?"

"Mmm hmmm"

"So Takeshi, how many cakes can YOU eat?"

he thought for a moment.

"A total of 3" he said.

"Really!? Only 3?" I laughed. Being around Hunny would make you hungry, and want to eat cake too.

"Well im going home now guys see ya later!" Hunny waved goodbye, as he headed to his limo. I checked the time on my phone, and it said 3:45. Woah, I did'nt know we were here THAT long, well I guess thats alright since I was with Takeshi for a while...It was dead silence, except for Hunny opening and closing the limo door. The car screeched off. Mori was staring at me for a little while, as I stared at the ground.

"Your eyes are beautiful, Marina-san." he said.

I looked up at him in shock. He was smiling, as I was staring in his dark black eyes.

"T-thank you..I.."

Before I could say anything else, his lips met mine. His soft lips felt like flowers caressed to my cold untouched lips. Of course I kissed someone before, but not as amazing as this. It felt as if I was floating on a cloud. Suddenly, he pulled back. No! Was it something I did? I did'nt want this to end, it felt so good and so right..I stared into space for a bit, when suddenly I felt being picked up bridal style. Mori had picked me up, without me noticing.

"Marina, I love you."

"I-I love you too..Takeshi.."

With those last words, he took me towards the academy, and went inside. The school was dark and empty from everyone leaving for home, but we had stayed at the Garden for a while. Mori then took me to a hidden room, I had been to in the academy. I noticed it was kind of like a guest bedroom. Thats odd to have a bedroom in a school...He brought me inside the empty room and put me on the bed while he glided back to the door and locked it. He took off his Ouran uniform shirt, and threw it on the ground, and he started to take off his pants. He went on top of me, I then felt something wet touch my neck and I let out a moan. He was licking my neck so passionately. His tounge caressed my neck, as a I moaned. He pushed me down and got on top of me. He then leans closer to me and kisses me. His sweet kiss makes me forget everything. His hands travel up my thigh and up to my skirt which he then slips off then he unbuttons my white blouse leaving me only in my black bra and panties. I stare at his toned body and then into his deep black eyes.

“Please, hurry Mori-senpai” I moaned as he smirks and unclips my bra and throws it on the floor.

“I want to take my time with you...” he told me as he leans over and starts to lick my breasts.

“Ahh...Mori-senpai” I moan loudly then he gets a hold of my nipple and he starts to suck hard on it as he massages my right breast. I arch my chest into him as he sucks harder and bites them slightly.

“...Ahm!...ah...” I scream in pleasure and moan his name over and over again. I could start to feel wet below which makes me feel uncomfortable. A finger then travels to my entrance and I feel it start to rub my panties. This makes me moan more and bite my lip.

“Mori-senpao, Enter me!” I lustfully scream as he stares into my eyes. 

He comes up to me, and kisses me again but with much more passion than the other times. He slips off my panties and he inserts one finger into my womanhood.

“Ahh..it hurts a little...bit..”

I wince which makes him quickly look at me sadly.

“It will get better I promise..” He kisses my cheek. I feel his finger start to pump in and out of my womanhood harder and faster each time. My hands grip his shoulder tighter and I suddenly bucked my hips into his finger which makes him grin. He then inserts one more finger inside and pumps them in and out.

“Ahhhhhm, im going to cum!!” I scream my loudest and something was released from inside which made my body feel all tingly. Mori removed his fingers and licks them. His tongue swirls around his fingers, cleaning them.I blush more and more just looking at him. He’s making me go crazy that I want him so badly. My hand moves up his chest and I push him down from him being on top of me to him being on the bed looking up at me. I get on top of him and straddle both my legs on each side of his hips. His eyes widen from being suprised


 I look down at him and gently smile. I position myself above his member and I move down slowly, wincing from the tightness and the pain.
“uh mm” he groaned and holds my hips firmly, bouncing me up and down on his member.

 “Ahh Mori-senpai..ahmm..ah...”

 I moan and groan with pleasure. It was getting better and better until it turned into something amazing. I moved faster and faster on top of him making him groan more and more.  I suddenly felt something rush into me, his seed filled my space inside my womanhood. I screamed and moaned as I released as well sending the tiredness around my body and my brain. I push myself off of Mori and I quietly slump beside him, the sleep finally sets in and I drift into a deep peaceful sleep beside my love.