L Lawliet

You wandered to the Task force room, with Misa to see your lover. You and L had been dating for a while, and you wanted to try something new. L was sitting in his unsual was smiling as you entered the room. He bit down on his thumb.

"Welcome back _____, Misa"

You smiled as you went up to L and kissed him.

"How was your day Ryuzaki?"

"Swell..I guess"

You sat down next to him and got to work. Watari walked up next to you.

"Is there anything I could get you miss _______"

"No thank you....but I supose you could get me a nice chocolate cake?"

"Right away" Watari laughed and walked to fix you the cake.

From the corner of your eye you could see L smile a bit.

"Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight why cant we be like them?" Misa whispered.

"Misa lets no talk about this" Light rushed.

Misa pouted and looked away as Light started typing again. Mr. Yagami entered the room with Mogi. You noticed Matsuda was on the couch taking a nap. You did'nt blame him, he needed a rest. But so did L...


You, L, Light,Misa,Matsuda and Mogi were the only ones left in the room. Mr. Yagami had to stop by the house to visit Sayu. You fell asleep beside L, as he was searching through papers. You were woken, when Light started yelling at Misa about their relationship. To tell the truth you thought Misa deserved better than the man with the name 'light moon god'; which he really was'nt. When you woke L had stoped searching.

"__________ what do you say we take a break, sound good?"

"Sure" you yawned, stretching your arms. You got up with L.

"Light, im going to take a break. Please take over for me"

Light bearly heard a word L said; Misa was stopping her feet like a 3 year old. L picked you up bridal style and left the room. L lead you to his room.

L threw you on the couch, as he got on top of you. You moaned as he slid his hands around your body.

You moaned again as L kissed you. He kept deepening the kiss making it more intense and harder to resist. The couch he placed you on was hard.

Your was now on the floor. Even L had no clothes on. The kiss drove on however. His hands trailed your curves.

Soon enough his fingers began to play with your clit in a teasing manner. You had no idea how this happened to you. First it just seemed like the two of you were friends, now you were in a mid-way sex session.

Two of the sugar addict's fingers entered your body mixing your juices. As a third finger was added you arched you back and groaned loudly. The detective licked the juices off his fingers and kissed you.

The taste of yourself on his tongue didn’t even bother you. On the wide couch you flipped, making L underneath you. Your hands rubbed his manhood making him curse slightly. Then your lips slowly met his tip. Now you teased him, slightly licking the length of his manhood and rubbing it roughly.

“Don’t…..tease….please…” he muttered through his gasps.

You kissed him and he no longer stirred in an uncomfortable fashion. L rolled back on top of you and the kiss continued. His tip poked your entrance. As his manhood slowly entered your body, you moaned.

The pace quickened and your climax was now nearing. You ended up screaming his name and L moaned your name. When he rolled next to you, all you could think of is ‘I hope this never ends’.

Once again you turned on top of him. You then began to fuck yourself. Your pace started off quicker than what L made you endure. The detective was shocked by your action but did nothing to stop you.

Your breasts bounced as you moved yourself up and back down onto his hardened manhood. His eyes said all you needed to know. You slowed and his cold chilled hands caressed your breasts. Then his mouth encompassed one and began to soothe himself.

Still you continued to move up and down his manhood. As your climax came even closer you bit your lip to prevent screaming. L held your hand protectively. You let your weight fall on him. You could both hear each other’s heart beating.

“I have never done that before..its..something new to me.” L admitted while playing with your hair.

"Im glade I got to be your first time." you smiled.

"I have to admit.._______ that was amazing im speechless..."