Death Note





Haha! Matt your so gonna get owned!” Chase yelled while lifting up the Playstation controller in the air. Yes, the two were old school, but so what? Old games are just as fun as the new consoles out. Matt bit down on his cigarette, and focused on the screen. He made his fighter whack you with a bat. You groaned and bit down on your lower lip. Mello walked through the door, with a chocolate bar in his mouth, and bags of items. You glanced quickly at Mello, then returned to your game.


“Well, well Mello turning into a girl? I knew you would someday!” you joked.

A strawberry colored blush crept across the bridge of his nose, as he set the bags down. He grunted, while biting a piece of his chocolate bar, and sat down on the couch. As you glanced back at him, you noticed that his playful smile was turning into a sly smirk. You wondered if something was up his sleeve, or that he had finally cracked, and he was plotting to murder his two friends. You continued to ignore him, and finished 3 rounds against Matt. He won 2 and you won one, which you were ok with that. Matt wrapped up the controllers, and put away the Playstation. You went to go sit my Mello, who put his arm around you. You didn’t mind, but you thought it would bother Matt a bit. Matt came and sat by you, starting up another cigarette. Mello glanced at Matt, who glanced back. They exchanged looks of conformation, and smirked. Matt threw out his cigarette.

“I’ll be right back” he said, as he left the room leaving you and Mello alone. Silence spread like a disease around the room. The only sound coming from Mello’s chopping sounds from the chocolate.


“Erm...Mello I-“you were cut off by Mello suddenly kissing you. His lips felt smooth, and his quick breath smelt like shaved chocolate. You closed your eyes, as he snaked his arms around your waist, and a little up your shirt. You moaned into the kiss making Mello determined. He slid his tongue across your lips, and you refused to open them playing with him a little bit. He grunted and went up your shirt towards your breasts. You let out a moan, and he entered your mouth. His tongue traveled around your mouth, as you messed with his tongue a little also. Suddenly, the door flung open, and you and Mello stopped. Matt looked a little surprised at first ,but then a smirk appeared on his face.

“So you got started without me? Im a little bit upset.” He said with a playful tone. Mello smirked.


“Why don’t you join us then?” Mello said also being playful.


Matt walked over to you, and took Mello off you. He brought you down to the floor, and started to kiss you. His kiss was much more stronger than Mello’s was, but he also had perfect lips that molded perfectly with yours. He started to tongue you, and you tongued back. His tongue explored your mouth, as you moaned in his kiss. He groaned, and lifted your leg so that it was around your hips.

“Hey, I want my fun too” Mello said.


Mello moved Matt, and took your leg off him. He started to slid down your pants, as your eyes went wide, and you moaned in the kiss again. Mello threw your pants somewhere, and started to rub your panties. He put his fingers up and down, taunting your clit. You moaned once again, as Mello finally took off your panties.


“Better?” Mello said seductively.


Matt continued to make out with you, as he took off your shirt. When he got it off, he began playing with your bra strap. Meanwhile, Mello slammed his finger into your womanhood. You cried out, as he started to pump his finger in and out of you. You bucked your hips to Mello, as he added 2 more fingers. Mello then added his tongue to join in. You laid your head back in pleasure, as he continued to pump his fingers in and out. Finally, you let out white liquid, as Mello pulled his fingers out, and licked his fingers one by one. Matt had already tooken off your bra, and he was kissing down your cleavage. He started to massage your breasts, and lick your nipples. He did it to your right breast, and then gave the same treatment to your other. You let out soft moans, as Matt did this. Mello was starting to take off his clothing, one by one, as you peeked. Once he was stripped of his clothing, except for his boxers., he traded places with Matt. Mello came and started to make out with you, as he lifted both your legs around his waist. You ran your fingers up and down his back, and chest, then around his waist. You felt the budge in his boxers get hard, as he let out groans. Matt was finally done, and he gave you Mello a look. Mello took himself off you, as Matt came to you, and laid you on your side.

“Ready, Chase?” Matt asked.


“Y-yes” she yelled out.


Matt nodded at Mello, and they slipped off their boxers. Slowly Matt entered your womanhood. You cried out in pain, as he entered you.

“N..Nah..It hurts…” you cried.


“Y-your so tight!” Matt cried out.


Matt was finally fully inside you, as the pain subsided. Mello slowly did the same thing behind you, only it didn’t hurt as much, but it felt good. Matt and Mello started pumping in and out of you. You cried twice as loud, because it was tripled. Moans and groans were heard from the three of them.


“M-Matt M-Mello…F-faster!!” she cried out.


Matt and Mello did as she asked, and pumped harder. Matt was going at a faster pace, but you didn’t mind, because Mello was going hard. As they kept pumping in and out of you at a fast pace, you came all over Matt. He soon followed, as you enjoyed his warm juices in your womanhood. Soon after Mello came too, and you enjoyed his juices as well. You laid between the two, as all of you enjoyed each other’s company.


“Have you guys been planning this behind my back?” you laughed.

“Yeah you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Matt joked.


“You should be thankful we actually did this to you.” Mello said.

You giggled again, as you brought yourself closer to the two of them.


“Yeah I guess so.”