Russia/Ivan Braginski




“Why does it have to be so cold in Russia?” Philadelphia asked herself, while shivering in the cold snow. She came to buy certain ingredient that wasn’t available in her country, so she came all the way to Russia. Just for a small spice, that didn’t cost much you traveled through hard core snow. It was even colder than Canada! Philadelphia walked to a small stand that sold cute little jewelry, when all of a sudden she felt something rip. The country looked surprised, and saw that the scarf around her neck had torn. She pulled our her brown hair from under the scarf, and saw that the bottom of the scarf had ripped from her stepping on it.

“Shoot. That was my favorite scarf.” Philadelphia moaned. She unwrapped the scarf from her neck, and folded it in her arms.


Maybe there a small tailor shop somewhere around here. I mean its Russia they have to have some kind of scarf shop.” She thought.


Philadelphia walked around looking for somewhere they sold scarves or warm items. All the vendors mostly sold food items, jewelry, or clothing, nothing really what she needed. Finally, she came upon a tailor store, and walked inside it. It had a warm atmosphere to it, and it smelt of a sweet Russian fruit that she couldn’t quite identify. The girl walked in line to were a extremely tall man was talking to the clerk.


“Sir, when do you need this back by?” asked the woman behind the counter.


“As soon as possible, da!” the costumer said ending with a childish laugh.


You recognized the strange laugh that had belonged to a very multi personality friend of yours. You tapped the man on the shoulder, and he turned around.


“Erm…Excuse me Russia?”




“Remember me? Im Philadelphia.”




“I’m apart of America? Remember me?” 

“Oh! Ahum, I remember you”


Russia finally remembered when America had brought his state to meet the Allies for the first time. He also remembered her from different times, but not a lot. He also had a small crush on her, but he didn’t know how to express his feelings for her without hurting her, or hurting anyone else. Russia hated the world, especially America, who was the most anoying person in the world. Meanwhile, his state was another thing, she was beautiful kind and she was best friends with Ukraine.

“So why are you here?” you asked innocently. You really didn’t mean any harm to him you just wanted to say hi to the man. He turned around fully, and saw the girl. She was beautiful has he had remembered. Her orange colored hair in a neat but slightly sloppy bun caressing her shoulders, and her big brown eyes that complimented her long eyelashes beautifully.


“Oh, im here because my little sister grabbed my scarf and tried to sell it to Japan, but he refused and she took it, and beat it with a bat..” he said nervously not wanting to freak out his crush.


“Why’d she beat it with a bat?”

“Because an old woman wanted to look at the fabric, and she got jealous”


You giggled at Russia’s story. Belarus was’nt your friend, but Russia always had told you stories about how crazy she was. It always made you laugh either way. She sometimes had little conversations with you, or just didn’t talk to at all. But she knew that you and here were standing on certain lines.

“That’s…weird... I hope your scarf gets repaired soon. Russia is a cold place to live.” you said.


You were next inline, but Russia just moved aside. He didn’t leave or he didn’t look around the store, he just stood there observing you. You gave the woman your scarf to repair, and paid the amount of money you had for the scarf. After you finished that, you walked out the store, with Russia following not to long behind you. You were switching vendor to vendor, looking at the fruits, and accessories of the beautiful land of snow. While you picked up a turquoise necklace you felt a awkward presence. You looked around, and saw everyone minding their own business; except a young man behind the corner. You couldn’t see his face, but you could tell that he was defiantly stalking you. You set the necklace down on the table, and walked towards the man. You could see that he flinched a little, but he disappeared. You walked over to look behind the wall.


Damn this guys got two pairs of hell legs if he can run that fast.’ You thought to yourself.


You felt a sudden warm breath, as you quickly turned around to meet the man who was following you. Russia was smiling down on you with his sadistic smile again. You noticed that he once again had his scarf on.


“R-Russia, I-I thought y-your scarf was t-t-torn” you said stuttering.

“Oh, this one? I bought it at the store!” He said holding his darker shaded scarf. It looked very much like the one he had, only darker. The one Ukraine had made him before looked much more accesoriezed and made.  Silence came between you, as Russia kept on staring at you.


“Hm, so want to come to my house? Your home is very far away..” 


The  voice sounded cool and comforting, so you agreed, and the two of you made your way to his home. When you got there, his house seemed very warm and welcoming. But there was somewhat a sense of weirdness going on in his home. You didn’t know what it was, but it made a shiver go down your spine. You took off your coat, and hung it up where Russia’s coat usually went. The Baltics came in the room, and asked Russia if he needed anything. He told them not to let anyone come through the front door, not even Belarus.

“W-who’s this p-person?” Latvia asked bravely, while shaking.


“This is Philadelphia, you know America’s state??”


Lithuania gave Estonia a look, and gulped. The nodded at each other as Estonia left the room to the kitchen.


“L-Latvia aren’t we supposed to do something, you know in the kitchen?” Lithuania pointed out, while dragging his Baltic friend into the kitchen. When the 3 of them left the room, you thought it was odd, that they were being so cautious. You thought something was up, that you didn’t know.


“Are they ok?” you asked.


Russia smiled and put his long arm around your shoulder.


“I think they are going to be ok, want to see my bedroom?” Russia asked mischievously.


You swallowed a lump that was in your throat, and nodded while shaking. Philadelphia knew what was coming, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She walked with him to his room.



Philadelphia’s P.O.V {{Sorry for changing the P.O.V Crap, I’m not a girl so I let a real chick deal w/ this :P Have fun with Takumi’s writing! }}


I walked in the room, as Russia walked off somewhere. The room was so dark I couldn’t see where he had headed off to. Suddenly, the door slammed closed, and I jumped.


“R-Russia? A-are you here?” I cried out.


“Peek-a-boo~!” his voice called out, as he tickled my side. I would have laughed, if I wasn’t so scared. I turned around, and barely saw his violet sparkling eyes. I was being pulled in by his eyes, and his cute smile, when I suddenly came back down to Earth.

“Um, Russia-“


 I got cut off by Russia’s lips quickly attacking my neck, leaving my lips wanting for his. I had a feeling that Russia wanted to play dirty.

 I moaned as he sucked harder on my soft spot, my hands moved to his chest as I started to unbutton his cloak, he pulled away sitting up as I also stood up too. He looked down as I moved closer to him putting my hands on each side of his face bring him to look at me. It was a bit uncomfortable for me, because no one really knows what the fearfull man ponders about.


“Uh..ah...Russia..I think I love you..” I said stuttering a bit. I mentaly wanted to slap myself for being so stuttery around him. For me love was hard to say to someone, especially since they barely knew you. But oh well, we all know how Russia wants his victems.


"I do too" Russia said ending with his typical laugh.


I planted another heated kiss on his lips, his hand traveled to my shirt pulling it off. He stood up pulling me with him as he pushed me against the wall. Russia's strong hard body holding me there. He took off our upper clothing, as his lips moved to my collar bone sucking and licking as he so pleased. His tounge roughly licked my coller bone. I tossed my head back with delight. He soon started to kiss down my chest unclipping the back of my bra letting my breast be exposed, he took in my right nipple sucking at it, while messaging my left breast. I moved my hand up and down his chest feeling on his firm muscled body, he groaned at my touch switching to my left breast giving the same treatment as the other.


“Mnnaahh” I moaned out feeling my body heat rise.


He pushed up against me hard making me wrap my legs around his waist, after I did he pulled away from the wall and headed back towards the bed. Throwing me down on it he climbed on top of me, kissing down my stomach and to the pant line on my hips. He slowly unzipped my pants throwing it to the side, he moved his left hand under my panties taunting my clit making me wet from his pleasing ways.


“Ahh...Oh yes, Ivan! Yes!"


I moaned again as he entered two fingers inside my entrance. Russia pushed in and out fast and faster as he went deep and hard. My body begin moving with each turn of his fingers thrusting in and out. My hips bucked up for his fingers, wanting and feeling no pain. Not soon after did my body begin to feel something building up, I closed my eyes shut as the feeling got stronger. He started pumping in and out faster then before. I came into his mouth, as he licked up my juices. He licked his lips moving back up to my lips letting me taste myself in his mouth. I flipped us over where I was on top moving my lips to his neck begining what he was doing to me, but slowly as I hear him whimper softly holding back his moans and groans. I bit lightly on his soft spot as he groaned out loud I began lapping up the blood.


“Hmmm~” He called in a moan giving me shivers up my spine.


Licking down his chest, I felt a bulge in between my thighs. While still doing my work on his chest I moved my right hand below rubbing against his bulge making him jerk back. I finished with his chest trailing kisses down his stomach to his pant line unbuttoning and unzipping as I pulled it down.

His erected bulge in his boxers grew more and more as I put my hand inside rubbing up and down his shaft. Russia groaned again as he got more and more erected in my hands. I pulled off his boxers, throwing them on the floor with his pants, grabbing his manhood again. I then started to lick his tip. He moaned my name as he gripped the sheets on my bed. His breathing had gotten more sharper as I licked the tip again moving my tongue down his thick shaft then moving back to the tip engulfing him inside my mouth, I sucked up and down until I knew he was fully hard. I glided my teeth against his tender flesh as he continued to moan my name. I started to bob my head up and down with on hand in rhythm on his shaft going up and down.


“Ahh…naahh~” He groaned.


I picked up pace going faster and harder as I could. He bucked his hips up making me deep throat him, he laced his fingers in my hair as I went faster. I felt his manhood thicken even more as I tasted his pre-cum.


“Nyah, Lauren!!!”


He yelled as he came in my mouth feeling his climax. I licked my lips and then the tip again savoring his sweet taste. He pulled me by my upper arms flipping us over, I could tell he wanted more so he began to eat me out, thrusting his tongue in and out. When he took his tongue out placing his manhood at the entrance as I felt his tip tease my clit. He claimed my lips ramming himself hard inside, tears leaked from my eyes, but he broke the kiss licking the tears away as he thrusted in and out.


“A-ahh, please Ivan harder!!” I panted as he rammed out and a sudden wave of please hit in.


“Again faster and harder!!”


I moaned as he hit my good-spot over and over again. He soon went faster and deeper I bucked my hips in rhythm with each thrust he made.


“Nyahhmm!! Lauren!!” He groaned feeling his climax soon to come.


“Naahh Ivan!~!” I moaned feeling my walls tighten around him, as he continued to thrust at a rough speed.



He moaned my name as he spilled his sweet sticky seed inside me. The feeling of emptyness disapeared as his seed filled me.


I moaned once again, as our juices collide in unison. He pulled out laying beside me panting as I moved to lay on his chest.


"I-I did'nt intend this to happen, but I love you.." I admitted.


The Russian man gave me his signature smile.


"You are now one with Mother Russia~"