Germany "Ludwing" Lemon



It was a hot summer beautiful day, in Venice, Italy. _____ was sitting on a little table in Caffè e crema, one of the most famous restaurants in Italy. While sipping your coffee, you lover Germany, came and sat down across from you. Italy had invited you to come to his country, and see the sights. He said it was magnificent, and indeed you had to agree. You had loved the sights, the smells, the clothing, and the people. You wish you had moved here long ago. Italy and Japan, had made their way through the crowd and over to the two of you on the table.


Ah! Finally we had gotten though the long line!” Italy squealed. You looked at the line behind him, which probably had an estimate of 16 people.


Yes, the line was indeed large.” Japan said, while sipping his coffee.

Ne, ne Doitsu, you should try this bread its really good!”


Italy pushed a plate of a piece of bread in front of Germany’s face. Germany looked awkwardly at the cinnamon swirled bread. It did look good, but in Italy you don’t ever know what your eating.

Eh? What is this Italy?” he asked while observing the sweet scent of strong vanilla it contained.

Its just bread with cinnamon on it, try it, try it!”  Italy persuaded his friend. Germany split the bread in two.

Here you should try it too...______” He blushed, handing you the other piece. You took a bite of it, at the same time he did. You mushed the sweet bread together, as the taste of cinnamon, vanilla, and a sweet taste of something you couldn’t describe.


Yum, Italy this bread is good!” you yelled out at him.


Mmm, it is good..” Germany followed your comment. You smirked; you had always known that the macho man had a soft spot for sweets. Sometimes you would drop by his house, give them the sweets, then the two of you would hit it off. Three times a week you did this, but you guys never told anyone that you were a couple. Japan and Italy were friends, but the could not be trusted. You knew that America would con something out of Japan and Italy. 

W-would anyone like to go to a shop near by with me?” Japan’s small voice said.


It was odd that Japan would actually speak his mind, but you threw the thought off. Of course everyone wanted to go, so you guys payed, and walked to the store. It was just a little shop filled with expensive designer clothing. For Italy it was just a normal shop, but for you it was a 50% sale paradise for you. The clothing was rich and designer, so might as well, right? You ran into the store, and went to the woman’s clothing. Germany, Italy, and Japan looked at the shopping queen, as if she was a rabid fangirl. _____, grabbed a few dresses, and went straight to the changing room. _____, undressed and slid into a red dress, that revealed much of her cleave age, and stopped down to the top of her thighs. She opened the curtains, to show Germany her new dress.

“Hey, Germany what do you think of my dress?” she asked him.


The blond man turned 20 shades of tomato red. He looked at the gorgeous girl, who he wanted to claim as his. The red dress hugged her slim figure, which made it even sexier.


Hmm..No I think its too sluty, I don’t-“  t


______ was cut off my Germany kissing her. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he pushed you into the dressing room, while locking the curtains together. He pushed you against the wall, as he slid his arms around your waist. He asked you for entrance by sliding his tongue across your lips. You let him in, and he licked every space in your mouth. You then slide your tongue in his mouth, and explored his mouth. Germany lifted the dress off you, and threw it to the side. Germany took his hands, and massaged your covered breasts with his hands. You moaned, as you started to take off his jacket. When the jacket was off, you took your fingers, and moved the around his chest. He groaned, and started taking off your bra, and also threw the bra in a pile of clothing. He then massaged your bare breasts.

Ohh...Germany..” you moaned out. The store was empty, and plus it was Feliciano’s store so you guys didn’t really pay attention to the people there. The country, took your right nipple in his mouth and bit down on it, while massaging the other one. He then switched places and gave the left one the same treatment. You moaned, as you started to undo his pants. As soon as they were off, Germany stepped out of them, and started to rub your panties, while kissing you. You moaned, and ran your fingers over his blond hair, which was now loose and in front of his face. You thought he looked kinda sexy with his hair loose. Finally, he took your panties off, and slid one finger inside you. You were going to moan, but he muffled your moan with a kiss. Germany pumped his finger in and out of you. His tongue contacted yours once again as he massaged your tongue with his. As he went he added another finger, and went even faster.


Mmm…ah, G-Germany..” you moaned out his name.


Milk-like substance came out of you, as you cried your last moan. Germany went down to your womanhood, and took his fingers out. He licked your juices up, and went back up to you, to give you another kiss. You could taste some of yourself in his hot kiss. Slowly and seductively you trailed your fingers down to his boxer line. You pulled them down. You trailed your fingers up his stomach, and over his shoulders. The blond pulled back and stared into your (Insert Eye Color Here) colored eyes. You could feel the intensity in his gorgeous blue eyes.


“__- ____ are you sure you want to do this?” he asked nervously. You nodded your head, as he slowly entered you. A tear began to form in the corner of your eyes form the pain.



I-im sorry..” he apologized.


“It’s… okay…” You whisper back, trying not to let a moan escape your lips as you talked. You slowly started to grind into him, giving him the signal to go. He understood and slowly started to pump inside you. You grinded into him a little faster, wanting him to go faster. He got the signal and surprisingly, he started to go way faster, hitting your g-spot with force. You moaned so loud in pleasure, you were a little afraid of everyone hearing you. You both were panting and moaning with every thrust. You didn’t want this feeling to ever end. You felt him harden, knowing he was about to reach his climax. He knew he was coming to an end and hit your g-spot harder and harder and then finally, he came into you. The overwhelming sensation made you moan and scream his name. he was completely exhausted. You traded sides with him, knowing you were far from finish. You started to grind on him, making him go deeper and deeper every time you grinded down. You moaned every time you went back down, your breathing escalating. He started to get aroused again and grabbed your hips to move with your seductive rhythm. After about a minute of grinding, your slick walls started to get tight around his member, causing you to cum. He yelled your name loudly, and with that, the two of you were done. The two of you were breathing heavily in the small space of the changing room. Outside of the room Japan was blushing madly holding a shirt.

“I-is it ok to hear that?” Kiku asked.


A small smile apeared in Feliciano’s innnocent face.


It happens from time to time”.