Neji Hyuga

You were in the training field, training with Ten Ten. It was a long day and you were tired of training, but you two could'nt stop training until 5:00...


"Alright team Guy, you'll be teamed up with _____ for today" Tsunade explained.

Since both your teamates were out today, only you were left. Your mission was to protect a client from rouge ninjas. She was suposed to deliver some rice paddies to a costumer, but where the customer lived was too dangerous to go alone.

"Alright everyone! Lets head out" Guy anounced.

With Lee and Guy yapping all the way to the woman's shop, you decided to stay by Neji were it was quiet. Finally you got to the woman's shop, and she grabbed her stuff and walked infront of the team. With still the two anoying 'twins' talking, you got bored and decided to make a conversation with Neji.

" think this mission might be dangerous?"

"Hmph I really doubt it"

Ok..talking to him was a waste of time. Lets try Ten ten.

"So Ten ten hows your weapon shop going?"

"Oh its going great! You see I have this knife everyone likes to buy.."

Maybe Ten ten was also a bad idea. God, what was wrong with this team? Neji wont talk at all, Lee is twice as anoying as Guy and Ten ten is a weapon freak. Now you knew why Naruto wished you good luck on your mission. Right before Ten ten was about to tell you about some hot costumer, a bunch of rouge ninjas apeared out of the bushes. The woman screamed in fear, and jumped back. Eveyone got beside her and attackted the ninjas. One buy one ninjas kept comming back, except your lips felt really dry. You reached into you bag and brought out lip gloss.

'Damn it' You thought, 'I thought I put chapstick..'

You shrugged and put on the blue lip gloss. Neji looked over at you angrily.

"_______! what are you doing putting lip gloss at a time like this?" he yelled.

"Well sorry! my lips felt dry!!"

Suddenly ninjas came from behind and punched the woman. Thankfully, Ten ten had medicine in her bag and healed the woman. While Lee and Guy faught the rest of the ninjas, Neji started yelling at you; about how it was your fault that they had punched the woman. All was finally done and they escorted the woman to her client. When the woman returned home Team Guy(and you) all rented hotel rooms. Lee and Neji were in one and Ten ten was with Guy, but you wanted your own room. Sighing and laying down on the bed you closed your eyes slowly, but suddenly there was a knock on your door. Sighing again you closed your robe tightly and opened the door to reveal Neji.


"I cant stand Lee, may I sleep in your room?"


You let him in as he stood there looking through your stuff. You closed the door (and locked it) as you spotted him peaking throught your personal items.

"-sigh- Listen Neji about today-"

"I dont have to explain anything to me.."

Before you knew it he had one hand on your waist pulling you close to him. He was slightly taller than you were so he bent down a little to meet your lips. His lips only brushed against yours but it literally turned you on. You could feel yourself losing control. Your body reacted fiercely to his touches. His hands led your hips the small sofa on in the front room. You stopped him right when he was going to lay you down.

"Let's take this to the bedroom" you said.

He agrees and carries you bridal style into the room. He sets you on the bed but pauses to take of his own clothes off. You stare greedily at his nice abs. Your eyes then wandered down to his erection. He smiles pulling the string that tied your robe. He pulled the robe staring at your beautifully curved body. Finally he began to make love to you. One hand was on your back as the other was at your neck. His lips crashed into yours with passion while one hand was at your waist the other was at your neck. His lips trailed down your neck leaving behind burning kisses. He begins to suck on your right nipple. A moan erupts from your throat. Neji is between your legs and your legs are wrapped around his waist. He then turnes to the other breast and begins to suck but this time he gives you a little bite.

You moan and he kisses you down your stomach and to the intimate curve of you. He begins to suck your intimate curve and you moan even louder. Your hand runs through his long dark hair.

"My turn," you say shifting and with one quick move he was underneath you.

You kiss his lips with as much passion as you could. Your hands run down his abs as you slip his dark blue boxers off. You give him a mischivious glance.

"Are you ready?" he says in a husky tone.


You feel a piercing sting as he slides into you. You bite your lip trying to hold back tears. He kisses you trying to ease the pain and soon the pain turned into a pleasurable sensation. He begins to pump in and out of you. It went like that for a while until you felt a rise in your stomach.

"Oh Ahmm N-Neji.. ohhh," you moan.

"I'm gonna cum..."

You feel to warm liquid flow out of you as he moans the reaches his climax also. You collapse beside him as he pulls you closer to him.

"Are'nt you happy that I got stuck with Lee?"

"Are'nt you happy I needed that lip gloss?"

He nodded and you both went into a deep comfortable sleep..Until later when Lee complained about the noises coming from your room.. ;)