Tieria Erde


A cold breeze had suddenly hit your face as you were asleep on the couch. It was Thrusday night, 5:00 PM to be correct, and you had fallen asleep on your couch watching the news about citizen's opinions about Celestial Being. It really suprised about how stupid people were, thinking that Celestial Being was bad. Mostly you thought this, because all your friends are in Celestial Being. Feldt had suggested that you were working too hard, and you needed a break to go down to Earth. You decided not to go alone, so you took Mileina with you. She was your 2nd best friend next to Itoshiki, your childhood friend which she is currently going out with. You where staying at Itoshiki's apartment for a while, but you stayed home alone all day today, because Mileina and Itoshiki went out for the day. When you came home from going shopping all day, you felt tired and dizzy, so you layed on the couch, took out some chips, and turned on the news channel. Finall, you drifted into a slumber, and woke up at 5:00. The tv still was on, but blankets were on you, and so was a pillow. Then there was a note, it read:

' Matsuri, wont be back till Tuesday

- Itoshiki & Mileina'

You sighed and threw the note on the floor, it seems you'll be alone for the next few days. The television was playing some reality TV show you had no clue about. Suddenly, the front door's doorknob started jiggling, and you jumped out of the couch seat. Getting your hands ready for combat, the door unlocked, and you punched the air.

"Hello Matsuri Hinamori"

"UM, Errr...HOOH!" you yelled out.

"What the hell are you doing?" You reconized that cool deep voice as Tieria. He was wearing his usual pink cardigan outfit.

"Tieria, you scared the hell out of me, what are you doing here?!" you basiclly screamed at him. Tieria looked at you with confusing eyes. You had always liked the way his red eyes looking into yours, and not somewere else. But sometimes you DID wish they looked somewere else...

"Im here to see you, what else?" he interupted as he walked in casualy dropping his bag on the floor. You gave him a questioning look.

"What? I am staying here"

"Mileina or Itoshiki never told me that you were staying here"

"I asked them if I could stay at the last minute"

"Why? Dont you hate Earth?"

"Yes, I do dispise Earth, it makes me very melancholy"

"Thats a little depressing is'nt it?"

His frown turned into a sad smile.

"Yes, it is"

You knew that there was something about him staying here that made you shiver a bit. Not in a scary why, but more like something you couldnt describe. Silence fell apon you as Tieria was unzipping his bag, he was pulling a gray T-shirt, and a bear that looked a lot like yours. A smile apeared on his face.

'Um, Tieria...sleeping with a teddy bear?' you laughed to yourself, finally realizing it was YOURS.

"Hey! What are you doing with Mr. Smores!" you yelled at him as you snatched it away from his hands.

"I brought it for you, I thought you missed it"

"Hmph, thanks," you blushed away.

Tieria smiled again, then put his stuff away in the spare room. You went back to the couch, and began watching a movie they had on paperview. Tieria then came and sat down by you.

"What are you watching?" he asked.

"Perfect Blue"

"Is it good?"

"Yeah, I love the movie to death!"

"Then this should be interesting, it just started too"

It was a little odd that Tieria was actully making a conversation with you. Overall throughout the whole movie the purple meister was quiet. Some of the parts made you feel kinda scared, so you grabbed Tieria's arm. Although some of the sex scenes made the meister flinch a little, he did'nt seem as bitchy as he is in space. You thought that maybe the lack of air got to him a little. The movie was comming to an end where Mima was running away from 'herself'. You and the meister watched in amazement, as the young girl was runing. Finally, when Mima looked again, it was her maneger, and you heard tieria gasp. You laughed, as the meister looked angrily at you.

"Whats so funny!?"

"I cant belive you-hahaha!! your too into the movie Tie-chan! Hahaha!" you laughed.

Your laughter was making him mad, as his face got close to yours.

"Its not that funny" his voice was cool and calm now. You noticed that his legs were over yours, and his mint breath was hitting your red face. You blushed as legs were squeezing between yours. He suddenly crashed his lips onto yours, soon making your tounge slid in his. He gasped a little, but kept on letting you explore his mouth, he then let his tounge roam your mouth, as you moaned in excitement. This drove him on, as he slipped his hands inside your shirt on your back. You shivered at his touch as he went back down to the hem of your shirt, and pulled it over you. He gazed at your smooth and curved body, as you unbuttoned his shirt as well. As you started to undo his yellow shirt, he skillfully undid your bra. You blushed, and moaned as he threw your bra somwere else. He started to help you with undoing his shirt. you finally got it off, you threw it by where your bra and shirt were.

Tieria thrusted his mouth onto your neck, and started sucking on it. You moaned when his sucking turned into a kiss. Tieria roamed his tounge around your shoulders. His tounge then led down to your breasts and started to kiss, and suck your breasts. "A-ahh!" you moaned as he massaged and licked your breasts. He paused his pleasure on your upper body, and continued his kisses down your stomach, but stopped at hem of your pants. Tieria looked up at you with uncertain eyes. You nodded your head in approval, and he unzipped your jeans. Tieria yanked the denim along with your panties from your legs. You shivered from tieria's cold seductive hands, roaming your body. Slowly Tieria spread your legs apart, and moved his head towards your womanhood. He grabbed your hips, and slowly he blew cold air into your womanhood. "AHhhh...Tieria..S-stop teasing". He looked up at you with forgiving eyes, and dipped his liquid into your womanhood. You winced a bit, but stopped and sighed. Tieria thrusted his tounge in and out of you. The saliva from his tounge dripped down his tounge, and into your womanhood which made you sigh in pleasure. Not to mention the feeling of his wet tounge dipping in and out of you. Soon after he added his fingers to join his tounge in pleasuring you. "Mmmm..!" you whined out as you felt something inside you snap. Quickly, tieria opened his mouth awaiting for you. Milk-like liquid filled his mouth in delight. He removed his wet fingers, and lifted his head. Slowly and seductivly he licked the sex-juices off his fingers making you watch. You got turned on by him,as he soon went up to you and kissed you on the mouth. You could still taste your juices on tieria's tounge. "Now you get to feel what humans really like to do for fun" you whispered in his ear, as he shivered. You pushed him on the couch, and started to undo his belt to his beige pants. He moaned from your simple touch. You finally got his pants and belt off, so you went up to his semi muscular chest, and roamed your mouth over it, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses. He moaned, while you kissed his chest, you roamed your fingers over his manhood and his thighs. When you got to his pelvis you stopped, and slid his boxers off. The innovator layed under you, naked. It certainly was the body of a man. When you decended your watering mouth on him, his eyes went wide and a loud moan left his throat. You ran your tounge up and down his harden legnth. Tieria ruffeled his hands in your solid black hair, as you bobbed your head up and down with him fully in your mouth. One last moan sent him to the stars as he realesed his liquid warmth into your mouth. You drew your head back leaving liquid on his man hood, and licked up his sex-juices. Tieria flipped you around so now that he was on top. "Matsuri, are you sure you want to do this?" he asked with curiosity, not knowing what to do if she rejected him now. "Yes, Tieria, I love you, tonight will be a starless night. But with the only two stars, us." Tieria kissed you once more, and slowly entered you. Your virgin barrier broke as he filled your empty space. You cried out in pain , but Tieria muffled your cries with a kiss. "This won't last long I promise.." Altough this was Tieria's first time having intercorse he wad sure the pain would leave. Slowly unsure what to do, Tieria dipped in and out of you. The pain left your system soon to be replaced with pleasure. The two of you moaned as he thrusted in and out. You suddenly grabbed his shoulders and stopped him. He looked at you in confusion, wondering if he has accidently hurt you. You flipped him around once again, then you got on his tip, and started riding him. "Ohh..nmmnahhh..ahmmm..oh god, Matsuri..there! There! A-ahhh" he moaned as you obeyed his commands. He flipped you around once again; he felt a lady should be treated too. He thrusted harder and faster than before. "Ohh Tieria..yes! There..! Ahhh" you moaned as you realesed your cum into him. Soon following he released his sticky seed into you. The two of you moaned in pleasure as your sex-juices mixed. Tieria collasped next to you as you put your hands on his fast beating chest. "Is this how humans reproduce or make love?" he asked. "Yeah, I guess you can say we made love.." You fell asleep in his arms before hearing, "I love you , Matsuri...."