Edward Elric


"Ahh! Damn  mustang!"

You rushed everwere with your papers. Riza had to take the day off, because of a family member in the hospital. You were nice enough to take her paper work. She was nice enough to drop all the paper work at your house. You were running through signing papers when there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"Its Ed and Al"

"Come in"

Edward and Al came through the house room soaken wet.

"Where your parents?" Al asked.

"Its their 4th aneversary"

"Well can we stay here for the night?"

"Suure shrimp"

"What did you say!?"

"Nothing nothing!"

For a while you and Ed had been dating. Well it was more like a on and off relationship. It was on for now, but whenever he did something stupid it was off. You told Winry to keep an eye on them, while you couldnt. Gladly she did. Ed and al set up in the guest bed room while you tried to finish your paper work.


It was 10:30. Al was already asleep, and Ed was sitting on your couch constanty changing the channel.

"Ed just leave it on a channel"

"No theres nothing good to watch"

He turned the tv off and sighed. Ed walked over to you and watched you sign random papers. Suddenly the atmosphere between you two got tense.

"How bout we do something fun tonigh?" he yawned.

"Like what?"

"I dunno.."

It was once again quiet between you two, but Ed broke it by kissing you. You had just started enjoying the kiss when he pulled away. He picked you up by your ass, to prevent yourself from falling back you wrapped your arms around his neck, you could feel his body quake with a satisfied feeling, freeing one of his hands from your ass, he shoved papers for your report you had been working on, off the work table, and replaced it with your body.


He laughed as you released his neck, he had begun to lift your shirt up, exposing your bra, but quit halfway and decided to just rip it off, with no struggle from you.

"C'mon hurry Ed, im not gonna be here all night"

 Without warning he pressed his hand roughly inbetween your legs. The rushing feeling had returned, and your body reacted to that.

"heh..you're getting wet for me..I feel it."

 A soft gasp escaped your lips as he removed his clothing, he was surprisingly muscular, you had gotten lucky for this pick. What doubted you was him being a shorty. Before he allowed himself to get completely naked, he set his sights on you. He sat you up. He took his time unfastening your bra, exposing your plump breasts,

"ah...so you've been hiding these from me have you? Naughty girl.."

Licking his lips, he placed his two hands on your exposed breasts, and began pinching your nipples lightly. A loud moan of pleasure escaped your lips.

"A-ahh ed...."  You undid your pants, and slipped your slender fingers over your clit. This caused you to moan louder and arch your back towards the pleasuring man. His lips met your breasts. Sucking harshly, he ran his teeth over your nipple as his fingers pinched the other. His lips felt so nice..Wait this was Ed right? Not Roy or Al? Really Ed? The shorty? You could'nt believe it. You brought your hand up from yourself and pulled your pants and underwear down far enough for your legs to kick them free of you. You leaned back and moaned, feeling yourself soaking your inner thighs...A need to get him inside of you filled your body, as you ran your leg inbetween his, lightly pushing up against his buldge, you heard him moan against your breast,

"...eager are we? " You smirked,

 "you have...nnnnooo idea.."

 He ran his tongue from your nipple to your collarbone, pushing you onto your back as he climbed atop of you, using his arms to hold himself over you, you slipped his boxers off as far as you could reach, before his legs could do the rest. Your previously wet fingers traced along his erection, his body shivered, you could feel his need to press into you. For a slight..brief moment you looked up into his eyes, leaned up, and kissed his lips, as if a sign for the go ahead. He inserted you forcefully, a mix between a squeal and a gasp escaped you, as he lifted himself out of you slightly and repeated the first insertion. Catching on, you wrap your legs around his waist and press your hips upward, his gratitude displayed by his own moans of pleasure. You kissed his bare chest and ran your tongue to his neck, leaving little marks of your teeth along the way. He buckled above you, and your body responded by pressing your naked body to his closer, you felt your climax on its way. You moaned out and bit into his shoulder, he let out a grunt, quickly followed by a deep moan as he quickened his pace, you worked your hips against his..his body stiffened as you reached your climax, and he held himself inside of you, taking it all in. After one last push further deep inside of you, he too climaxed, spilling his warmth inside of you. You both were left panting as he pulled himself out of you.

"Not bad for a shorty" you panted.


"When did I say that idiot?"

"I dunno I get over exagerated" he joked.

"Ah well does'nt matter how short you are, what matters that you were pretty good right now"

"I can say the same for you"