Ulquiorra Schiffer (Espada 4)

"Ulquiorra, please go fetch Orihime, the human girl for me."

"Yes, lord Aizen."

"Your mission starts tommorow at dawn."

"Understood captain Aizen."

Ulquiorra bowed at his master, then left out the door. You knew you were going to miss Ulquiorra, even though his emotions did'nt bloom for you. Well, he did'nt exactly know that you liked him. While Ulquiorra left the room, you were standing by Gin, watching your master watch the human girl who goes by the name 'Orihime Inoue'.

"Lord Aizen..may I .. be excused for today?"

"Is there a specific reason, Hana?"

"No, lord Aizen I...feel tired today.."

"Alright, Hana your dismissed."

In the corner of your eye you saw Gin Ichimaru chuckle a bit.

"Oh my!" Gin said outloud.

"Is there a problem Gin?" Kaname glared.

"No, no, just a thought."

Of course, Gin knew what you wanted to do. He had been eevesdropping on your conversations. No, you werent going to bed, but what you were going to do was find Ulquiorra. You were walking down the Espada hall ways, when you bumped into Grimmjow. The blue jaguar was your friend, but he had always hated Ulquiorra. So you never mentioned Ulquiorra around him, if you did he would end up beating the crap out of Ulquiorra. You did'nt want the love of your life getting beat up by your best friend.

"Hey Hana, heading somewere?"

"Naw just my room, im taking a break for the day."

"Oh alright, hey I was wondering if you wanted to spar, but since you were going to take a break."

"No, its alright, anyway i've been meaning to get a good work out." You said while cracking your knuckles.

"Lets go!"


You and Grimmjow spared for 4 hours tops. Dripping in sweat, you headed back to your room to take a shower. It was a sweaty day for you, sparing with Grimmjow instead of someone else like Starrk, or spoon man. Well, Grimmjow was a friend so it really did'nt matter. When you got to the door of your room Ulquiorra was beside it.

"Ulquiorra what are you doing here?" you panted.

"I was just here."

"Well thats not really-" cutting that Y off you fainted infront of Ulquiorra, causing him to  catch you before you could hit the ground....

~ Your POV

I woke up on my bed, with my hands folded, and Ulquiorra sitting on the couch beside me. I looked over at him to see he was star gazing up in the sky. Well he was'nt really star gazing..since there was no stars. Maybe the moon? I had to admit, the moon was pearly white.


I tried to sramble the words form the back of my head, when suddenly the impossible happened. His cold hard lips brushed against mine. His lips were like cold stones against my soft lip gloss covered lips.


He started to lean me against the bed. I felt something wet on my lower lip, but refused to let him in. I waited for this too long and wanted to make it last forever. He whined, and lowered his hand down to my side, and tickled me. I laughed and he took the opprotunity and shoved in his tounge.

'Is this what it feels to laugh?' Ulquiorra thought to himself.

His tounge massaged mine as he explored every inch of my mouth. I was enjoying this too much to notice him bringing me back up. He broke the kiss and took off my shirt, and unclasped black my bra.I started to cover myself, but his hand grabbed my wristed and pulled them over my head as he brought his mouth closer to my ear and whispered.

 "Dont cover yourself. You're too beautiful to feel ashamed of it, please let me enjoy it."

His soft cold voice sent shivvers down my spine. He started to suck on my breast and massaged the other with his free hand. Ulquiorra let go of my hands and I roamed his soft shortish longish jet-black hair. I tried holding in a moan then his tounge flicked across my nipple. I couldnt hold it in anymore, and whined out a loud moan.
I brought his head up and took off his Espada outfit. I was suprised. I always thought he was muscular but his pale chest was rock hard. My hands roamed his chest and he softly groaned. I met his liquid green eyes full of lust. Ulquiorra brought his hands down to my pant line and literally ripped off my shinigami pants and panties. He took off his lower Espada wear leaving him self in his black boxers. I didnt like that very much so I took them off. Now that was suprising.
Is it going to fit? Ulquiorra saw my face and raised one eyebrow. He ignored it, and spread my legs loweting his head. I felt him kiss my entrance before his tounge Thrusted inside me. I moaned in sweet pleasure, as his tounge went further until I came. Ulquiorra swallowed all my sweet cream.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked me.

I nodded. He put a finger inside me and then another. I gasped as he stuck in a third, then added a fourth. I moaned as he did scissor motions as he prepared me. I cumed in his hand, and he removed it. He licked off his fingers, and kissed me, letting me momentarily taste myself. Ulquiorra positioned himself infront of my entrance, and looked up at me. I nodded to give him go ahead.

 "Its going to hurt for a bit." Again I nodded and he pushed himself in slowly in. My walls closed around his member. It hurt for a bit , and I felt a tear roll down my face and a trickle of blood run down my leg. I nodded again and he pushed in again, but faster. Ulquiorra kept going, and soon pain was replaced with unexplainable waves of pure pleasure. I moaned moan after moan.

"Ahhh U-Uquiorra-Sama mmmmhmm..." I moaned.
"Faster. Harder."

Ulquiorra went faster and much harder hiting a certain spot, making me moan his name again. He went at an inhuman speed, hitting that same spot over and over, making me moan louder each time. My walls tightened around him, and the knot in my stomach became tighter. In a few more thrusts we both screamed.


I yelled as Ulquiorra collasped onto of me.
We were both breathing heavily and cuddled closer to his chest, and he kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Ulquiorra..Im sorry i've never told you before, but I love you."

"What is love..?" he asked me with curious eyes.

"Its that..right there in your chest, then this happens..when you truely love someone." I pointed to his chest where his Espada number 4 was.

He smiled, and kissed the top of my forhead.

I was glad that I was able to make you smile.