Kaoru Hitachiin

How You Met~

It was Springtime. The host club had all dressed up in 'waitor' outfits. Also, it was your first day at Ouran Academy and you wanted to check it out. You were walking out to the Academy's garden. Out there you saw a few handsome looking boys in cosplay outfits. The man with glasses came toward you.

"Excuse me are you the one in charge of the host club?"

"Im not in charge, but yes I can help you."

"Um, I was wondering if I can..-"

You felt a presence that was familier to you, next to you. Quickly you turned around to see the man you had met years ago. Standing with wide golden eyes was your one and only friend from long ago.


"K-Kaoru? I-is that you?"

You ran with crying eyes, to your old friend. You guys had met when the two of you were 12. Now, reunited the both of your sobbed into eachothers arms. You knew it was Kaoru too...

~ How It Happened.

"Tee-hee! Party time!!" Hunny anounced.

The Host club was having a small party to celebrate their 200th costumer. Hey, they even invited you. It was Tamaki's idea to play spin the bottle/7 minuted in heaven. Haruhi was sitting boredly by Hunny and Mori. Kyoya was by you, and Tamaki by the twins. Hunny spun a soda bottle, so the bottle was spinning around the whole circle. The emtpy opening had landed on Tamaki, and Haruhi, causing the two of them to blush madly.

"Oh my." Kyoya said while pushing down his glasses.

Hikaru was boiling with anger, as Kaoru was trying to comfort him. Tamaki stood up, lending out Haruhi a hand. Everyone watched with envy as the two made their way to the closet...

~2 hours later?

It had been 2 hours since the couple had gotten into the closet. Everyone was so bored out of their mind, you and Hunny had started playing Shoji. Kaoru and Hikaru were watching the two of you.

"Man, this is soo boring when are they gonna come out?" Kaoru whined while playing with a strand of loose hair.

"Fine, I guess we'll let someone else in another closet." Kyoya sighed.

"Ok whos turn is it to spin the bottle next?" you asked.

"I guess i'll go.." Hikaru sighed.

Hikaru spun the bottle so fast that the bottle was practicly spinning on its own. The bottle slowed down. One point was pointing at you, the other at Kaoru.

"Tee-hee have fun you guys!" Hunny said behind you.

The two of you got out of the room and went to the extra bedroom instead. Tamaki's house was huge, so he would'nt mind right? You went, and sat on the bed as Kaoru sat on the other side.

"Well.. I guess we should..do something?" you asked.

"Um..sure..well..." Kaoru stuttered. He turned over to you, and looked you in the eyes.

"_______, I kind of...have..a crush on you.."

"Dont, be childish Kaoru! I love you!"

"Fine, I love you!" He yelled.

You smiled, and kissed his cheek.

"You misses ________"

He grabbed your face in his palms, and made you kiss his lips. His soft warm lips against yours was like velvet. You put your hands on his chest, and he grabbed your waist making you get closer to him. That small kiss soon turned into a make out session. He slid his lips over yours, asking you permission to let his tounge roam yours. You playfully denied it. He pushed you onto the bed, which made you gasp. His tounge slide in your mouth....

~How He Finds Out

It was a short rainy day. Well to be more correct it was a Thursday. You and Haruhi had gone out shopping, not caring that it was pouring outside. While you where at your favorite store, you felt something twist in your stomach.

"_____, are you ok?" Haruhi asked.

"Y-yeah..but my stomach has been feeling akward." you said while gripping your stomach.

"Do you think your..?" Haruhi whispered.

"Well..I think its a possibility." you whispered back.

"I think you should buy a test..ya know to be sure before you jump to conclusions?" Haruhi suggested.

You took Haruhi's advice, and went to a small drug store they had at the mall. Once you bought the test, you went to the woman's restroom, and took the test. You eyes were wide with shock, as a pink plus sign had apeared.

"Hey is everything alright in there?" Haruhi asked. You had been silent for a few minutes now, and you did'nt realize it.

"Y-yeah..i-im alright.."

"It does'nt sound like it..whats wrong?"

"I-im pregnant..."

You heard shuffling outside the stall.

"W-what!? Whose the father?"

You had mixed emotions about this..Kaoru happy, and Kaoru not happy. That was your main concern. Of course abortion was out of the question, and you did'nt want someone else to have your baby so..It was all up to the father.


"Kaoru? So then whats the problem?"

"He's part of the host club."

"Well he could quit."

"I guess so..but.."

You got out of the stall, and showed Haruhi the results. She was happy, for you and Kaoru, but the problem was that you had to tell him. Kaoru was such a sweetheart, and a cutie so whats the problem? You and Haruhi left the mall, and Haruhi went to her house, as you went to Hikaru and Kaoru's. There was his brother too, how is he gonna take it? You decided to be cheerfull and happy that Kaoru had chosen you to carry his child. You knocked on the door, and went inside the huge house. The maid told you to wait for "master" Kaoru and Hikaru to come down. You decided that Hikaru had to hear the new also. The two of them came down in their Pjs as it was rainy and cold outside, so there was nothing to do. Kaoru came to you with open arms.

"Hey ________ whats up?" he said cheerfully.

"Well I have some news for you.."

"Spill it"

"I-im pregnant.."

His eyes were wide with a moment, but then went turned to a warm golden glow. He brought you in a bear hug, as Hikaru smiled.

"Congrats" Hikaru said from behind.

"Dont worry Hikaru you'll be an uncle!" Kaoru said to him. He smiled, and you all went to a 'family' hug.


Kaoru had quit the host club, to be with you, and your child. When the baby was born you guys found out that it was bab(ies). You had 3 kids, 2 boys and one girl. Kaoru named the boys Setsuna and Ren. While you named the girl Nana. Setsuna means "Snow; Calm" or "Snow; Vegatables; Green". Ren means "Water Lily; Lotus". Nana means "Seven; 7".  You and Kaoru had gotten a house of your own for your precious beautiful children. Setsuna and Nana were like Kaoru, happy, cheerfull, does'nt give up, and loving. Nana was more like you, daring, cute, smart, and loving. The 5 of you lived hapily and peacfully, while when they all grew up they went to Ouran Academy.