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Hi my name is Takumi you may call me Takumi or Takumi and my partner is Exia or you can call him Exia. We created this website a LOOOOOOOONG time ago. When we were about 13 or so? Exia and I made this website out of boredom and we hoped to create a (rebellion?) against Quizilla and it's limits to swear words and sexual content. But since we were young and complete idiots we only posted lemons. Now that we're older we realize that THERES MORE TO LIFE THAN SEX. Buuut we hope you enjoy this website of our foolery and blashemy. I (Takumi) usually writes more than Exia does, so you'll see me around here more. 


Anyways enjoy the site


~ Takumi + Exia 



02/15/2012 21:39
Crap I forgot to add something in the DOGS post- we are also now starting a new series of random writings called 'Half-Life' it's my personal original story about a boy named Damian who goes to the land of 'Poltergeist' and finds he is the devil's descendent. If you're bored and have time check...


02/15/2012 21:36
We have added a new category to the 'Love Story's Section titled, 'Dogs: Bullets and Carnage' . Yes folks, we will doing DOGS fan fiction and such.  HAPPY READING YOU FOOLS.  - Takumi   

I am sick!

05/12/2010 16:02
Hey everyone, Exia here, and I just got sick, so my writing might no be so good. I just have the flu no need to worry! ^_^  I will be fine, so just wait for some new writing to come! Man, I am SO ready for Summer..   -Sam (Exia)

New Website

01/29/2010 20:45
Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying our new website! I think I will add more stuff than just Storys N stuff, Like Anime photos and news. So far I think the website is going to be a sucsess! If you have any problems just contact me, Mimi at BellaMisora@yahoo.com if you have any questions. LOL I know...